Young Couple Wonders

Young Couple Wonders

by KCallahan

In 6 short months, we've decided to rent our house, quit our jobs (at 34 and 35), and travel for 1 year full time. We plan to return from our trip with 1 full year of personal expenses (including mortgage) to ensure that we will have plenty of opportunity to come back and find jobs (even part time if necessary).

I guess my question - however broad it is, are we crazy? I feel that our return plan is sound (i.e. come back to 1 year of expenses paid on the home front), but how much do we really need on the road? See our estimates below:

We have no children, one old basset hound, and anything we can carry in our 2003 Jayco Greyhawk. We're estimating the following expenses (and related questions):

- Mortgage - Rent: $500/month
(it can't be rented for full mortgage value)
- RV Payment: $273/month
- RV Registration (annual): $10/month
- RV Insurance (annual): $48/month - Do I need "fulltimers" insurance?
- Gasoline (350 miles/week traveled): $600/month
- Healthcare: $350/month (We have a simple plan, what's needed?)
- Spending/Misc. Money $200/week: $800/month

Other than the house/rv, all debt will paid off before we leave.

What are we missing/what do we need to consider that we are not?

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Oct 15, 2011
Have You Started?
by: Charles Fox

My wife and I are going to try and go full time RVing starting in about 7 months. Are you on the road yet and how is it going?

Dec 14, 2010
Additional Info/Responses
by: KCallahan (Ohio)

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I wanted to give a little information to help with advice, and to respond to a few things.

First: My wife is in Marketing and I'm in Human Resources, and while she loves her job, I'm happy to move on. Furthermore, we're both in positions that are easy-to-find (and since we have no children) we have no physical restraints to our returning home (other than the rented house).

Truth be told, we're a little concerned about our proposed expenses (for the road) also. But we have marketable talent that would allow us to make some money consulting while we're on the road.

Couple comments:
- Great thought on the life insurance, I believe we will continue our work insurance (a nominal monthly fee of $15).
- We were planning to boondock a lot, but, stay in RV parks at least 1/2 time (when affordable.) We appreciate any thoughts on how to get inexpensive campground fees.
- Another good note on the rental, the costs of renting our place have not been a large consideration (we have a friend who's experienced in rentals managing the property, and we have $3000 set aside for any repairs needed.)
- Our monthly mortgage estimates include property taxes and insurance.

Couple specific questions:
- What were some surprises you encountered in your first few years?

- Is boondocking difficult?

- Here's a conversation my wife and I have had: Would it make sense for us to stay in one place (say middle Texas) in a campground for a month and explore the area by car with the RV as our home base? Would this be cheaper?

Thanks so much again for your feedback.

Dec 14, 2010
Good luck
by: wil

Everyone is different and we all have different expectations when we become "full-timers". Do you really plan on boondocking every night? Campground rental fees vary anywheres from nothing out in some private forests to nearly $100 a night next to some of the really big-name attractions. Come to think of it, food isn't even mentioned in your list, or did I miss it (easy to do on this old computer)?

RV repairs - my truck tires cost me $285 each at Sam's ($1400, mounted and balanced for all six) and they weren't the most expensive in my size. An oil change at Wal-Mart is $40 for brand name oil.

I think, unless you are extremely frugal and never eat out, you are underestimating your expenses. I like your exit plan, though. That is not unreasonable if you have a broad enough skill set and aren't hoping to return to a region with negative job growth.

If you like the life, cut the anchor cable and really get out there as the "sticks and bricks" is a real drag on time, energy and funds, unless it is someplace you want to be for a few months in the summer, say on a lake? Once you have some experience with what you want, need and enjoy -- then you can make a reasonably informed decision.

In any even, good luck and happy trails.

Dec 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

This young couple had the same dream as yours. I could not help but think of Jessica and husband adventure with workkamping. They still want to go back on road some day... Please be careful finding workkamping jobs. If you really cannot wait to do it and have crappy jobs you hate. Go for it. You can always come back to find jobs I guess. Good luck. Have fun..

Dec 13, 2010
How much will I need?
by: Anonymous

You're brave souls to do what you are planning, but I quit my auction business and real estate business in 1990 and be came a full time country entertainer. I was 47 years old at the time. I have some regrets but not about being an entertainer.

I drive about 5,000 miles a year. I bought a 95 Pace Arrow with 27,000 miles on it 5 years ago and now has 54,000. My motorhome expense runs about $11,000/year, Gas, Oil, Tires, Insurance, Maintenance, License plates & depreciation. That does not include lot rent in Arizona. Lot rent will run anywhere between $300 & $600 per month Plus Electricity and some cases water and sewer too.

One problem you will run into is your age. In most of the best parks you have to be 55. There is a law that say they have to let a certain % under 55, but they cover that by allowing the "Underage" spouse of someone 55 or older in the park.

There is a website Free and Cheap Campgrounds on the web. For cheaper travel I would recommend passport america, Good Sam or FMCA memberships.
Enjoy your life while you're young.

It's too late when you can't afford it.

Dec 13, 2010
Keep on truckin'!
by: Valerie P.

My husband and I are 56 years old and we went "fulltime" in September. Our only bills are the RV insurance, life insurance, gasoline and food. We, too, are figuring one full year "on the road" and we will be able to save thousands of dollars. We have a little extra cash stashed away just in case - you never know! No, you are not crazy. You have found a great way to save money and have a good time at the same time. Believe me, there's a lot of people out there wishing they had the courage, nerve, whatever you might want to call it, to do what we are doing. Happy travels and keep in touch!

Dec 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

Put up some pics for us!!!!! We want to see your adventure! We are your age and considering doing the same soon. We'll hook up if we do! xoxo Lesia and Brian

Dec 13, 2010
by: Renee'

Property taxes on your home?? Life insurance just in case?? Maintenance on home, what if something breaks while your gone?? or RV, tires, oil change, transmission service?? Home owners insurance if there's a storm or the renters burn the place down??

Dec 13, 2010
by: Terri

I have never done what you are I have no advice...except for life comes but once...ride it until the wheels fall off...I hope you two (and your dog) have a wonderful time... :)

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