Yard sale before buying - Can't Let go of items.

Yard sale before buying - Can't Let go of items.

by Kim
(Stafford, VA)

I need opinions of those that have faced the big choice of what to keep and what to sell when you have so many favorite things that your heart would break to let them go to the yard sale.

I have a vast array of items that I don't think I can part with, they make me happy when I see them. They tell people who are visiting a bit of what I love, and remind me too.

Hopefully someone knows about hanging pictures and displaying collectibles in those crazy spaces that they have found in their RV's. For example, I have a limited edition custom framed bear picture that is about 2 1/2 foot by 3 foot. and I have statues and other small and large shelf collectible items, not to mention serving platters.

I will take less clothes if I have too, (laugh) My heart breaks every time I put a collectible inside the yard sale box in my decision to not keep it. I find myself more and more getting them back out, (laugh). Tell me that there is a way to display... when I buy my large "class C" and that yes there is a way I can have these beloved items????

I know you have solutions out there, please tell me it's possible! Thanks! Hurry soon.. Yard sale in a few weeks, including much furniture and collectibles, and yes, the beanie baby collection too. (smile) Lucky is the one who knows their beanie's value because I am selling them for $1.50 each, not knowing the real value. I already know, I won't let them go, I just need to know about shelves and picture hanging advice.

But if you know the secret of how I can choose which cherished items to keep and which ones to sell, I would appreciate that too, though it will be hard to not keep them. Thanks! Kim

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Jul 31, 2010
Letting Go (with adhesive)
by: wil

Most bunk house accommodations are in the rear of your average Class C. hat means anything hung on the wall is subject to the greatest momentum found in a motorhome - the area behind the axles. So, I'm not sure that those 3M adhesive strips are the answer. We tend to use a 1 1/2" wide, industrial-grade of hook and loop fastener, with the loops on the hanging object. Apply to clean, dry surface and use a warm iron to heat-activate the adhesive if that can be done safely. Apply no loads for at least 24 hours. Then stick it hard to the loop strips and hope for the best. There won't be a lot of removal, but it should stick, so long as not in direct sunlight (heat will be necessary to remove loop strips from wall).

Jul 30, 2010
Wil. Good points, I missed until now.
by: Kim

Read my addition about the bunk area space in class c motorhomes, that should be enough extra room...I love to create artistic creations, both breakable glass and pictures..But shouldn't the right adhesive strips they have come out with, help me from needing to wrap it all during travel? And no, I am not going to have a permanent site (at least I hope not) but I do foresee extended stays in the smoky mountain area. My favorite place on earth. Read my article on faux interior walls of stone and wood. I will definitely personalize my home on wheels, starting with tossing the queen size bed, since I will be solo. I will use a futon chair instead. I hope to make many changes myself until I feel it is the best home ever and it is all me and my unique taste reflected. I am trying to say no to many items I would like to keep, but I am getting better at realizing I have to be more selective. Thanks, write me again. Kim

Jul 28, 2010
I may have a solution to my collectibles.
by: Kim

I have looked closely at class "c"s that include a bunk bed area. Since I will be solo, I think it would be the perfect spot for my art collection and collectibles. I am giddy with the possibilities for this space. Besides, you have to agree that if a person likes to make artistic creations and finds joy in doing so, that these art pieces need to be displayed if only for the RV home owner herself. I definitely will figure out how to post pictures when I am done or nearly done with my personalizing my new home. It should be interesting to say the least! Kim

Jul 23, 2010
Ball and Chain
by: Sharon

I didn't know what to toss when we started either. Today I have nearly disposed of all of it. Literally I can walk away with a suitcase that contains everything I really care about.

It's liberating when you finally let go. I wanted to keep photos so I purchased a small scanner and they are all on a back up hard drive. I can use them on my computer or a small digital photo frame.

I wanted to keep some favorite books, so I invested in a digital reader. Now I can carry 3000 books in my purse.

Technology has certainly helped me downsize. All the little nick-knacks are gone though. I don't spend money on them anymore either. My husband loves that. You just don't know how much you really spend on all of these things till you stop buying them.

I tell everyone the only thing I collect anymore is cash, and memories! I just don't spend it on stuff anymore.

My advice is go for it!

Jul 19, 2010
Thanks Wil...
by: Kim

First I need to go see my favorite class C models, I really want the above cab area for my felines. Any ways the advise you gave me is great. I also thought of another possible solution today, and that is to hang some of my pictures on the wardrobe mirrored fronts. I have to find my notes on the recommended tape for RV/s but that may work, I am not into mirrors, just the frames so I can display collages and pictures. If you have any more advise, it is definitely welcome. I have saved your response and it is filled with good advise. I have to get out there and look at my favorite models, I am so caught up in planning my yard sale I haven't even looked at the actual models I like, except pictures. Thanks! Kim

Jul 19, 2010
Maybe I Wasn't Clear, Either
by: wil

There are a few opportunities to display small and moderate sized pictures in the average Class C. Inside of cabinet doors comes immediately to mind, as does the small amount of wall space in the bathroom not occupied by hooks for robes, towel racks, etc. Most Class C's with a bump-out have some wall display space. Many of the nicer units have a glass-front display case for knick-knacks and bric-a-brac, but they do require packing any breakables away in bubble-wrap for travel. Likewise, you will be able to bring some serving bowls and platters. Stock up on the rubber foam net shelf liner material to place between platters to reduce rattles and chipping. Always store these heavy items very low in lockable cabinets or you'll be dealing in boxes of shards.

I sincerely wish you good fortune as you downsize and learn to accommodate your collections to less than 300 square feet. It will be a challenge at first but one you will quickly come to grips with. And yes, a Class A Diesel pusher may be just the ticket for a collector such as yourself. The combination of additional space (don't laugh, an additional hundred square feet may be the saving of your collections) as well as the large amount of "basement" storage found in a Class A may be just the ticket. An expensive one, but if you really can't part with your accumulated collectibles, having the largest RV on the market, with the concomitant biggest diesel and automatic transmission, may be exactly what is required.

Actually, I foresee you modifying your lifestyle as well as acquiring a permanent RV site with an "casita" outbuilding where you could establish a permanent home for your valued collections. That isn't to say you wouldn't travel, only you'd have a home for all the new things you acquire along the way. If you are like my wife, a good sized 16 horse barn will just about do the trick...

Jul 19, 2010
Addition to mt article about letting things go.
by: Kim

I think I didn't clarify that I am getting rid of the beanie babies, it mostly my concern for the items that I love, yeah collectibles and pictures. I am definite in my decision to not go to storage, been there, done that. There are a few VHS tapes that yeah, I will have to leave at Mom's because they aren't available on DVD, but Mom will always have a VHS player for me to watch them when I visit. Other than that, my main things that I want to keep are wall art and collectibles (that I wish to display) to make my motorhome my place. Also, I have alway's wanted to entertain, thus far, house has been too messy to do so, but now I can see me using these beautiful serving dishes for new friends that I hope to make on the road. I do still need help in solutions for display and storage in my RV. I am really starting to think, I am going to need a Class "A" sized motorhome, because at this point I really want to surround myself with my favorite, heart warming items. I may have to have an RV park yard sale later, but for now, they are coming with me! I need advise on where to display them, you know, a solution to fitting them in. Gotta have them for now, bottom line!


Jul 18, 2010
by: carol smith

I am feeling full of guilt right now. We left Louisiana in May to begin an open ended trip (no real plans for return). My poor mother-in-law is babysitting all my STUFF in her unused bedroom. We had a storage unit and I decided to let some stuff go but not enough. When we get back we will send most of what she is watching for us to Goodwill.

Jul 18, 2010
Collectibles or Albatrosses?
by: wil

Stuff. We all got it. In my (trailer) household, it is a constant battle. So I offer the following. Are you willing to buy it back, several times over? That is, while you are out on the road, every little thing you don't get rid of and is unable to be displayed inside your Class C, will have to be put into storage. Storage usually costs money. Lots of money, if you aren't careful. Do you really want to spend $25 a piece for those bean bags of colored cloth, again? Five years of storage could easily come to that. Or, do you want to be beholden to family members for the care of all that culch you have saved, assuming they are willing? And, how do you propose to insure those items if they aren't in bonded, insured storage? A broken pipe may get fixed, but no self-storage company is going to do anything about waterlogged belongings -- that's your responsibility.

Just how strong are you? Imagine each one of those beanies are a 20 pound albatross hanging from your neck. The only way to be free of them is to sell, trash or give them away. How long before the weight and metaphoric stench of your collectibles becomes too much to bear? One year? Five? Seven?

My advice. Free yourself of the psychic weight of your junk. You yearn for the open road to be free. Make yourself truly self-contained -- leave nothing behind so there is no guilt if you never pass that way again. Your wallet will thank you, too.

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