Workamping When Living In An RV Fulltime

Workamping When Living In An RV Fulltime

by Fiona Rodgers
(Brandon, Florida, USA)

Some people are lucky enough to have a supplemental income when they decide to live full time in an RV, but there are others that do not have that privilege; so, they have to find ways to make money.

There are some that live in an RV, that are crafters and they make their extra money following the craft and fair circuits, where they set up and sell their crafts. Others have found a profitable business that they can do online to earn money like freelance writing or have a website where they sell various products.

If you are planning on workamping when you are living in an RV full time, you need to be flexible and open minded so you will never be without a job or extra money. Some of these jobs are in the campground or RV Park that you have taken residence in and in addition to paying you a small salary, you may get your lot rent where your RV is sitting for free. Other times, they may just give you free rental or just a salary.

When you apply for a job, make sure that you are up front and honest with the employer and let them know that you are only looking for a job on a temporary basis, although being this honest may not get you some jobs. You can also consider seasonal jobs like picking tomatoes, strawberries, or anything that might be in season in the area where you are staying.

If it is a tourist town, the biggest part of the season is during the winter or summer, you might be able to get a job in one of the shops, working as a maid in one of the hotels or as a waitress. Many of these tourist towns hire for the season and lay off after the season ends; so, this could give you three to four months of steady work.

At the campground, they may hire you to check people in and collect the rent for the sites or they may have you cleaning up the campground or RV Park, by picking up trash. You may also be able to get a job at some of the national parks as a gate attendant.

There are also construction jobs, taking pictures for a newspapers, prepare taxes during the season, stock clerk in a retail store, demonstration products in a grocery, setting up children's programs in the campground to give the parents a break, and many other jobs.

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