Wireless internet service for Full-time RVers

Wireless internet service for Full-time RVers

by Katrina

We are living full time in our RV. We are currently on land and have an internet connection, but when we leave we loose that. Is there a company that provides wireless internet service that can support phones, computers, tv, etc while on the road?

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Sep 01, 2015
Weak signal
by: Anonymous

We are full timers when we stop at a rv park that has wifi the signal is very weak.

We dont have a phone contract. is there something out there that we can buy to boast the signal in the campground?

Aug 23, 2014
Wireless Internet
by: Anonymous

Reading other's comments, I wonder how much "expensive" is.

We use AT&T latest 4G LTE as of August 2014, is a Unite WiFi. It charges on 120 or plug into a laptop via USB.

We run 2 iPads, a PC and a laptop on it in areas where even our cellphones don't have good service (2-iPhones from AT&T).

Our bill used to be $172/mo with 900 shares minutes (iPhone to iPhone is free, we added the WiFi device for 99 cents :-) and a $36 activation fee and increased our data from 3GB to 15GB.

All the devices share and cost us $165 per month!
PS: I work from "home anywhere we go" on the computer at 24 hours per week!

Mar 05, 2014
Stay Connected on the Road
by: Gracie

I agree with the last poster: Verizon CAN be expensive. However, Verizon is truly nationwide. I have MiFi Jetpack 4G that I have had for @9 months. I love it. It is super reliable and supports up to 8 devices. It is always available (even in remote areas we all like) as I am also a full-timer. I am not familiar with the others as I am a weird bird who doesn't utilize television. I know...the only one in America! Hope this helps in any case.

Mar 04, 2014
Internet Service
by: Anonymous

Direct RV and Dish both offer wireless satellite service. We use Verizon smart phone with hot spot, but can get expensive.

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