Wipers Not Working TRICKY TRICKY - 2003 Fleetwoord Expedition

Wipers Not Working TRICKY TRICKY - 2003 Fleetwoord Expedition

by tom

Recently a new owner of a 2003 Fleetwood Expedition 34m.

I can't figure out how to use the wipers or they are broke.

Called the previous owner and he said "they worked when I used them turn the switch harder".

If I turn the knob the wipers do nothing ...but if I push the button to wash the windows the wipers move and the windshield gets washed.

Bought a new switch Denso PN 0597980100 thinking that would solve the problem installed it and same thing occurred.

Also both switches seemed to have a stress crack on the housing ...the old one I removed and when I ordered a "new" one off ebay it had the same crack.

Please help as driving in the rain while constantly hitting the washer button doesn't seem to be a long term solution ha...


Seen others posting their wipers didn't work so figure I would continue this post...

You TURN the button says "push" then the other knob that says turn is to change the speed.

:SLAPS SELF IN FOREHEAD: push is only to wash the windshield.

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