Winegard RV Antenna

Winegard RV antenna and satellite reception products are innovative quality digital and HDTV satellite antennas for RV use. Getting satellite TV for RV is simple with these quality products.

UHF & VHF Winegard TV Antenna for RVs

  • Motorized Sensar Motorized UHF and VHF, HD Ready Antenna
  • Sensar Industry Leader UHF/VHF, HD Ready Antenna
  • Wingman Optimizes your Sensar for DTV
  • RoadStar an Amplified UHF, VHF Omni directional Antenna
  • Hideaway Economical UHF and VHF Antenna
  • Digital Converter Box - Digital Quality on your Analog TV

Roof Mount Satellite TV for RV

  • Winegard TRAV'LER
    Fully automatic one button operation, multi-satellite HDTV antenna mounts on the roof of a typical RV, and is compatible with Direct TV High Definition is the ultimate in satellite TV for RV entertainment.
  • RoadTrip Minimax
    Mini size and maximum performance and low price.
  • RoadTrip
    12" Stationary and In-Motion Automatic Satellite Dome Antenna.
  • Crank-Up
    Crank-Up Satellite Dish with "Digital Magic" elevation sensor.

Ground Mount Satellite TV for RV

    Fully automatic low cost manual portable satellite antenna for tailgating, boating, camping and of course RVs.

Mobile Internet Options

  • TravelNet
    Wireless Internet as you travel down the road with faster connectivity.
  • DirecStar
    Two-Way Fixed Satellite Internet to the fantastic Hughes Net Service.

Winegard Accessories

The company also offers accessories such as: Truck mounts, wall plates, video switches, exterior plugs, power testers, carrying bags, alignment compasses and much more which are available at authorized dealers. To find a dealer near you check out the Winegard company website.

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