Which Rig Is Right?

Which Rig Is Right?

by Shannon
(San Diego)

36 and 31 y/o here just starting the planning process. We'd like to start the first year doing a comprehensive tour of the states, including Alaska. Our question is, what is the right rig? We will be traveling with one cat and one dog.

I've been looking at truck campers but my worry is they are so small. Travel trailers look adorable but there is additional concern over less maneuverability and upkeep of additional wheels. Rvs are another option but they require you take your entire home everywhere and you can't just drop it at a campsite while you explore.

I'm dying for some real world feedback. For a leisurely but extensive tour, what might be our best bet? Also thinking economically, hoping for a quality used setup under $20,000. Any opinions out there I can solicit?

Much love <3

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