Where to Park Your RV for the Night

Where to Park Your RV for the Night

by Fulltime RVing
(Simi Valley, CA)

Park Your RV

Park Your RV

Where To Park Your RV For the Night, Or Longer

When you travel in an RV, you may find that you have a lot more options of where to park it than you originally had thought. One great thing about taking your vacation in an RV is the fact that you don't have to rely on hotels and motels, and taking your vacation when they have rooms available. And, you also don't have to worry about when there are flights cheap enough that you can afford to travel with your whole family, or having your air miles blocked to only allow you to use them at certain times of the year. With an RV, you can pick up and go any time you want (as long as you are free to do so), and stay pretty much anywhere you want, at little to no cost to yourself.

Parking Lots and Road Stops

When worse comes to worse, and you can't find a place to pull over and sleep for the night, there are many businesses that will gladly allow you to park your RV in their parking lots for the night. After all, it is just good business practice to help their potential customers, by giving them a place place to stay for the night, rather than get too tired while driving around looking for a place, and ending up going off the road because they fell asleep at the wheel. If you need to stay in a parking lot, it is always best to ask permission first.. But, if you arrive after business hours, it should be no problem, especially at many department stores, to use a back corner of the parking lot to get a bit of sleep. Or, you can pull into one of many road stops, where you will also often find many conveniences, such as gas, food and rest rooms.

Campgrounds and RV Parks

Throughout North America, you will find thousands of campgrounds and RV parks where you can stay for the night, a few days, or even a few weeks or months. Most of these places have daily, weekly, and seasonal rates, and they have all of the things you will need for an extended vacation. Most campgrounds and RV parks provide electricity and water for a small price, and, many have swimming pools, games rooms, dining areas, hiking trails, and all kinds of other things for you and your family to do. If you are retired, or just want to have a vacation without the kids, there are also some adults only campgrounds and RV parks that are quiet and peaceful places for adults to sit back and relax. And, many of these places are pet friendly, so you can bring along your dogs and/or cats with you, as long as they remain on leashes.

Traveling in an RV is an excellent way to take an extended vacation, and see the entire United States and Canada, and even Mexico. You will be able to stop any time you want to see things, and you don't have to worry about staying at expensive hotels, or not being able to find a room. There is always a place for you to stay when you have an RV.

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May 30, 2014
Overnight in rest stops
by: Anonymous

Most Texas rest stops don't allow overnight parking. Only the larger ones. We have run across some of the larger truck stops that aren't very friendly to RVs.

We just remind them that they allow truckers to spend the night and they can't discriminate.

Nov 16, 2010
Overnight Parking
by: JR

Most truck-stops offer free RV parking away from trucks running. The NW states offer free overnight parking at their rest stops along major highways. Most are patrolled by local State Patrols.

Oct 29, 2010
Truck stops?
by: Kim

Who knows about staying at truck stops if it only for a quick nap? Truckers do it, don't they? Plus you can get food and gas there.

Oct 26, 2010
We Found it Challenging
by: denykrane

My husband has been full time RVing for 11 years. I just joined him last year. What we have found disappointing is to spend the day driving, then begin looking for a Wal-Mart only to find it is one that does not allow overnight parking. Rest areas don't let you stay overnight. Once in awhile a business may let you stay, but some don't due to insurance responsibilities. BTW, we hate RV parking lots. Can't believe and don't know why anyone wants to park in one.

Oct 14, 2010
Where to Park
by: Anonymous

I have had great luck with Passport America. 1/2 price parking. There is a website called Free and Cheap Campgrounds.

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