What do you do for health insurance?

What do you do for health insurance?

by Steve

My wife and I are retiring early and plan to RV but have one MAJOR obstacle. Both of our jobs will not provide health insurance once we separate from the companies, and we are both too young for Medicare. For all the Full-timers out there, what are you doing for health insurance if your previous jobs do not allow you to take the coverage with you? We really want to live the RV life but so far have not figured out how to overcome this problem. If you are providing your own insurance through private policies can you give us an estimate of what to expect price wise. Also any other options that might be out there would be helpful. Thanks

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Jun 27, 2012
Health Care & Insurance
by: Steve

Until speaking with a few other RV'ers I had no idea how much health insurance cost. I'm 65 and have never carried health insurance. I'm twice fortunate; first that I'm still healthy and second that I have the VA to fall back on. I pay for regular twice yearly dental checkups and have an annual physical at the VA. I carry a VA book that lists all their facilities. I also carry Good Sam medavac insurance to get me to a VA facility should I need it.

Nov 30, 2011
Health Insurance
by: Mary Sparr

This is what my husband and I use. We live full time in our motorhome.


Oct 29, 2011
High-deductible an option?
by: The Good Luck Duck

Many fulltimers that I have asked purchase a high-deductible ("catastrophic") policy, and have that deductible set aside. Of course, the higher the deductible, the more affordable the premium, so it's a matter of balancing what you can afford each month with what you can afford out-of-pocket if something happens. These policies won't cover check-ups, etc., but they will save you from "catastrophes."

This is a topic I care a lot about, and I am always trying to find and gather ideas for healthcare on the road.


Good luck!

Oct 16, 2011
Recommended Reading
by: Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

Health insurance is a concern if you are not Medicare age and don't have an individual policy already. I recommend reading The New Health Insurance Solution by Paul Zane Pilzer. Before you quit your jobs, see if you can use one of his methods to get coverage. As long as you maintain continuous coverage, you can transfer it to an individual policy without prior conditions being considered in many states IF you jump through all the required hoops.

Costs will depend on the state- each state has its own regulations- and your health.

Good luck,

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

Sep 14, 2011
Health Insurance
by: Dee

Came across this video. It may help you.

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