What Can a 1997 Ford Expedition Tow?

What Can a 1997 Ford Expedition Tow?

I have a 1997 Ford Expedition and I am hitting the road for at least a year. I am trying to buy a travel trailer. The one I am looking at is 25 feet long. Can my truck tow that safely?

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Sep 11, 2011
Expedition and TT
by: Richard

If your SUV has a diesel engine, tow package, high rear axle ratio, and good hitch, then you'd be set. Without knowing what you're equipped with, it's difficult to say. A gas engine doesn't have the "want to" to pull like a diesel. You're talking about about a fourteen year old vehicle pulling a TT all over the countryside. Consider where you'll be going. Up hills? Mountainous terrain? Flat land? You don't want to be limited as to where you can go, or the route needed to get there.

If it were me, I'd trade in the Expedition for something suitable for my needs. That's just me.

Read your books that came with your SUV and do LOTS of research. You might still find a TT that's light enough to pull with no problem.

Good luck!

Sep 10, 2011
What Can a 1997 Ford Expedition Tow?
by: happy harold

These are questions I would direct to a trusty mechanic. So many variables... size of engine, the condition of transmission. Are tires to be heavy duty, and is the hitch system comparable to what you need for the trailer. If you don't have a "trusty mechanic", have your RV dealer do some research or check with the Ford dealer, but only if you trust em. Some dealers would rather sell you a vehicle then tell you that yours will suffice. Just my thoughts.

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