What about grandiose, don't you all miss those babies?

What about grandiose, don't you all miss those babies?

My husband retires in Dec. 2011. He would like for us to take off and travel, be gone all year. Sounds great except for one thing, what about Chloe our 17 mo old granddaughter and Reece, new grandson due in July? the thought of not seeing them sends a deep longing clear through to my bones. Don't you miss those grandkids? I gotta admit, my kids I could live without for a while but that little Chloe pulls at my heart strings. We've worked very hard paying double payments on every loan we have to make sure everything is paid off by Dec. Except for our little hobby farm, 40 ac here in the Missouri Ozarks. It has no home on it yet. Thought we would travel for awhile before building. So we are in good order to take off and see this beautiful land we are so privileged to live in. Anyway, so how do you live without bouncing those little ones on your knees for months?

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Dec 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yes, at times you do miss them. However, how often do you see them now. I have grandchildren living 1 hour from me and I only see them every couple of months. they are teenagers and have their own lives. We text, email, and video chat. I see them more online them in person. So I have no problem RVing full time.

Apr 13, 2011
by: Angie j

Thanks ladies for your input. I really enjoyed reading them. I do love to travel and look forward to it. I'm sure the Internet would be a great way to keep in touch. We will have to improve our connections somehow. We try to see our two grandkids in Alpine WY, but never get a really clear view of them. But we will make sure we're updated technology wise before leaving. Again, thanks so much, Angie

Apr 11, 2011
What about those grandkids?
by: Kay Arnold

I learned that even living at home I didn't see the Grandkids that much. As a matter of fact I saw them darn little with school and other activities and that I was available all the time.
Once on the road I stayed in touch and when I visited it was a big deal to them and I got to give and get some attention.

As they grew into teenagers they got their own lives and even their parents didn't see them that much and when I came to visit they would fill me in on what they were going to do and off they went and did it. That's the way kids are and always have been, just because your around doesn't mean your going to be as deeply involved as you think you would be.

So my advice? Do what you want and visit when you feel like it and don't believe that being there all the time is better, because it isn't.

But, you will do what you want anyway even if your mate doesn't want to do it as much as you think you do, sad really....

Apr 11, 2011
by: Linda H

I truly understand how you feel as a grandmother, especially since they're little babies. But both of our kids moved away, my son at 19 over 20 years ago and both his kids were born 'up north'. Our daughter married and had both her kids down here, however due to job issues they too moved away. So you see you could do for your kids and their babies, but they quite possibly will move away.

We are not able to full time yet because we still have our stick house to sell. However, after hubby retired last June we spent 5 months 'on the road'. We were in 18 states and over those 5 months we spent about a total of 8 to 10 weeks with our family in 2 different states. However, we were also able to do and go where we wanted to go during the rest of those 5 months. Part of the fun of traveling & being retired is being able to see those babies as much as you want, but also doing what you want.

Make use of your laptop, cell phones, etc. to be able to see them everyday. With all the technology available today there's no reason you can't still not see & talk to your grandbabies everyday. When the urge gets to be to much, hop on a plane and go give them all the lovin' you need to. Or hop in the car and drive back for a while. Put them on a plane to come to you. Our babies are now no longer babies, so we take them with us as often as we can. We all get together in the coach on trips. We also make it a point to gather at someones home for a holiday.

We're hitting the road at the end of this week and I can't wait to get my arms around those babies in another 3 to 4 weeks! Enjoy them for awhile, then back on the road. But for sure will be seeing them from time to time and will have granddaughter with us for some of that time, over the next 6 months. Plus the rest of the clan will join us over the summer too.

Well I've gone on long enough. From one Grandma to another, love them & enjoy them, take them with you when you can. But enjoy being on the road with your life partner.

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