Water Tank Fill

Water Tank Fill

by John Dunn
(Deland FL)

Brand new to rving. We had 1/3 of water in holding tank and all worked well. My problem came when I added water to the holding tank, all of a sudden air instead of water.

Checked pump which is working fine but water is not coming to pump. LOOKING FOR ANSWER, WHAT CAN BE WRONG?

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Jun 02, 2014
Water Tank Blues
by: Anonymous

I just came across your post of a month ago. I do hope you have figured out your problem, but in case you haven't...

Modern RV' s have at least two tanks, often times three and on rare occasions, four tanks. One of those tanks is for fresh water, sometimes called potable water or drinking water on the label at the inlet.

These are usually the largest of the onboard tanks and, unless planning on camping for extended periods without access to water, are only filled a third to half way full before departure to cut down on hauled weight.

The second tank is the sewage holding tank. Sometimes it is labeled as a black wastewater or human wastewater tank. It fills via the toilet and sink and shower drains, unless you have a separate freshwater tank, too. Both empty by the 3" diameter drain line with separate valves controlling the wastewater flow from each tank.

Long story short, it sounds like you used the inlet reserved for the waste (holding) tank cleaning system, rather than the sanitary fill line for your drinking water tank in your attempt to fill your drinking water tank. Put all the water you want in as all it will get you is overflowing sewage holding tanks but not a drop to drink.

That is why you are most likely sucking air with the water pump. Minor league embarrassment at worst. We've all done similar things.
Welcome to RVing.

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