VW Eurovan

VW Eurovan

by Donna

Am thinking about getting a 96 VW Eurovan with 93000 km. Single retired woman thinking it might be a good way to start. Any feedback? Thanks.

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Apr 27, 2011
So you want to buy Eurovan, eh?
by: Anonymous

I own one of these. Not the camper version - A 1993 2.4 diesel, manual. I have some nagging issues with this vehicle, but fortunately, I can fix, maintain many of these things myself. And the vehicle has a never quit attitude.

All your parts will be imported and expensive. They will also last a very long time. (Do not expect to find anything at your local Canadian Tire for this van). NAPA, Carquest will be your new friend.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my van. It has so many great things, German engineering, best MPG in its class, highest ride height in is class, four wheel independent suspension, full panoramic view, most cargo room in its class. Etc, etc.

It is also sluggish, noisy and will have a lot of vibration unless the engine mounts are repaired. Exhaust parts are pricey. Take a test drive on a snowy winter day, the independent suspension has a different feeling on ice and snow (one North American drivers are not accustomed to).

Owning a Volkswagen is like taking on some form of obsession.

The Eurovan is rather rare in North America, only some 10,000 were made, however, they made 10 million of these in Europe (or was it 1 million ??). At any rate parts are not hard to come buy if you use Ebay and wait for good deals. Ebay (Germany), U.K, etc.

The diesel version was never intended for U.S. sale and is an exclusive Canadian model, therefore, has a better resale value than the gas version. The T4/T5 automatic transmission is a known failure and should be avoided. So a diesel, manual would be best.

I could be better off with a domestic, say a GMC Duramax Diesel but unfortunately there are no camper versions. Hope this helps!

Good luck with your decision,

Drew S. Kreutzweiser
Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

Feb 19, 2011
VW and Retirement
by: Anonymous

Hi Donna :) What did you decide to do?

Just wondering.

Jan 28, 2011
Eurovan Full-Timing
by: Anonymous

Hi Donna! Fellow Canadians here, with a Eurovan (1994 manual shift). They are great machines because they belong to a by gone era, and your fellow Eurovan/Vanagon owners will waive at you :)

This is a great plus!

We have an expensive porta potty and have not used it yet. Get a foam mattress from the Army and Navy store or Canada Tire (we got ours from the former because we could not find it anywhere else).

The manual shift will last longer without any transmission problems, but the automatic is easier tor drive (absolutely). Ours had 130,000 km on it, and cost nearly $22,000 (you can price compare).

VW has backed out of making new ones for North America and we are all just going to have to live with this, I guess.

Pack 1 or 2 Rubbermaid bins with lids, and you can put them on the front seats to store at night.

You will have fun. All the best and happy travels!!

I agree with the person above, about the Class C space. You just have to see which is "you".

OH...one more thing--- if you have a garage, the Eurovan may be the best choice as it is really important to try to keep it out of site of people (jealousy and theft issues). Class c's are not garageable. GTRV customs vans and they are garageable too. Class C's take storage. Neighbors do not need to see when you are going away. This is important for all of us...especially us women. We get the van in the garage, unpack a little, and go in the house. Nice safety feature.

Have fun!

Jul 31, 2010
Hey Donna
by: Kim

I am in my research stage as well, and am also a solo soon to be Rv'er. I personally have found that class C models are the best choice for the full timer, unless you want a Class A model. I am finally down to four choices. Like I have been told, do your home work and check out many model floor plans and compare to your needs. It all depends on if this is going to be your permanent home or a week here and there. I like a lot of art and collectibles, so my decision is based on having a class c with a bunk area for my art. I also have 2 cats and a dog to consider, therefore the overhead is perfect place for cats to hang out. I am going to turn the bedroom into a bedroom, library, computer room by removing the big bed with futon chairs, more art and books. I am going to remove some of the wardrobe doors to create bookshelves. Haven't figured out best computer set up yet, but my on site buddy Wil, probably has the answer to that one too. Hope I have helped you a bit. Kim

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