used class a motorhomes

Owners of used Class A motorhomes, and other RV's, are generally prohibited from doing major remodels or mechanical work if boondocking (living in the boonies) or parked at most RV parks. The good news is, maybe you can achieve that "wow" effect without an all out makeover!

Most older used Class A motorhomes have a certain "look" about them. So, if the exterior is in decent shape and the paint is good, just keep it waxed, polish the chrome and replace the running lights if you need to.

The interior, on the other hand, has LOTS of areas that can make a big difference and vastly improve your life and comfort. Of course, this is about doing it on a budget.

First, you need a plan. Decide where you're going, just like when you're traveling. Your "used class a motorhomes map" could be an actual floor plan (great if you can make or get one of your rig) or a bunch of notes and sketches on a legal pad.

used class a motorhomes

Sometimes you can find floor plans online by searching the make and model of your RV with the words "floor plan" after (ie. 32 ft winnebago floor plan).

You may not find your exact rig, but hopefully you'll get close enough. A great place to try is and click on RV FINDER. Use the floor plan for figuring space issues, flooring placements and other things.

And, make the plan fit your unique lifestyle and needs. There's no use putting time and money into something only to wish you'd gone in another direction after you finish. A really great way to get ideas, of course, is to go to an RV Expo and see what and how they do things. Don't get swept away by the glitz, though, but take notes and take photos (if you can).

used class a motorhomes

Used Class A motorhomes are the most fun to work on and the most rewarding. Many of the remodeling materials, such as tile, sinks, flooring, paneling and wall coverings can be had at the lumber yards and big boxes, too.

The easiest way to remodel used class a motorhomes is to create individual "projects." Since motorhomes are basically one room, the projects need to be compartmentalized.

So, to start your Used Class A Motorhomes Remodel Map remember AFFLAC. Not the supplemental insurance company, it just worked out that way (I hope they don't sue me). A F F L A C stands for:

• APPLIANCES can be real money eaters if you buy them new, and with some older rigs, you may not even be able to find new ones. Take heart, though, as used and refurbished refrigerators, ovens, cookstoves and a slew of others (some may not have even been invented when your rig was made) are available online. Search used rv appliances or used rv appliances your town (ie used rv appliances portland or) using the Bing Custom Search box Click Here. Its best to buy used appliances from a dealer who gives a warranty.

• FLOORING can be anything your mind can conceive! Tile, carpet, laminate or adhesive backed linoleum. Or, of course, any combination of these. A floor plan comes in really handy now, even if you measure and make one yourself. Don't restrict yourself to what's there now. A knock-out beautiful flooring treatment can be created using inexpensive on-sale materials from your neighborhood Big Box!

• FURNISHINGS may be, depending on the condition of your interior, the hardest and most expensive upgrade you'll have. But, its also the most important. Worn out, ugly furniture looks even worse when everything else is remodeled. The first thing you should do is check with the factory to see if covers are made for your specific RV. Many times RV salvage yards have nice, hardly used furniture and, of course, there's the internet. Browse around. You'll find RV furniture, motorhome furniture, used RV furniture, discount RV furniture, even surplus RV furniture. If you're not living in your RV you might even find a reupholster shop within your means.

• LIGHTING not only applies to the fixtures, but your windows as well. Lots of older RV's have curtains and valances which hide up to 20% of the window! Look into mini blinds, wood blinds, faux blinds, cellular shades and verticals. Search window blinds and see how inexpensive these are. Adding to or upgrading your lighting is an easy, fun job, too.

• ACCENTS are just about anything. A few small pillows, a wild framed mirror, throw rugs or even brightly painted appliances! Also, think about brass faucets, hinges, knobs, towel racks and other things. Little things in small areas can have big impacts!

• COLOR could be paint, fabrics, curtains or upholstery. When you visit the RV expos and trade shows, be sure to take note of the new colors, color combinations and how these hit you. Color can make a big difference! If you're painting, remember you won't need much.

Depending on your budget or time or both, start where you feel confident you can complete the job(s) necessary within each project then, as circumstances permit, move on to another.

Have fun with these projects! There's nothing more satisfying than waking up in an environment you created. Used Class A Motorhomes take on a life of their own and, with a little help from you, a personality as well! Of course you'll have problems and things will break, wear out and go wrong, but that's the way life in general is, isn't it?

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