Update for Gypsy Traveler

Update for Gypsy Traveler

by Anita
(Colorado )

Has anyone else had trouble like this in any other states????????

Chapter two – the encounter with “@$&#$&%@^@”

I had just passed a sign that read Ft Dodge, 42 miles and there was about where I had planned to turn north to go on up to South Dakota.

I really only have 3 things I remember distinctly about Iowa, my first night in an RV park, the State Police Encounter and leaving this barren lonely state. I remember that I drove way into the the wee hours of the night to escape from Iowa and cross the state line into South Dakota.

I took a moment to breathe and looked for a “spot” for the night to sleep and rest and wait for the sweet light of the morning.

I have always for the most part been a law abiding citizen and respect the authorities and all, never used words like “pig” “bacon” “smoky” or any other derogatory words for the men and women of law enforcement. My parents would have beaten me severely if I ever did it THAT way back then, and it carried over into my adult life.

But if ever there was a time I might have been tempted to use such words this was the time. A few choice words would later come out of my mouth that a lady really shouldn’t say in mixed company Daddy had warned.

To be continued....

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