Type of Pet

Type of Pet

by Angel
(Lewisville, TX)

We recently went full time in our class A motorhome. Our 12 year old cat simply could not adapt and showed her feeling by peeing on our bed almost every day. We finally had to place her in a new home. But we feel empty without our 4 legged family member and have been visiting shelters and humane society's looking for a new pet. My husband want's a dog - our question is what type of dog would do well as a full time rv'r? I don't care for "foo foo" dogs and can't stand long hair and shedding. So what are your suggestions? Thank you so very much!

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Apr 16, 2016
Some people dont deserve pets
by: Anonymous

You probably shouldn't get a pet. Reason being is you should have taken your cat to the vet rather than put what you consider an inconvenience over to someone else. Truth be known with the age of your cat, it probably had kidney disease.

You should have given a little more thought in what the problem was with your cat rather than assume she didn't like your RV. If you had a child that started wetting the bed that coincided with the timing of a new purchase would you give it away or try and see what the real reason behind it is?

You may not like my response but you should have thought about things like this occurring prior to getting a cat. Its people like you you that are a problem in this world and that feel pets are disposable rather than take responsibility. I know it couldn't be she had an illness it had to be the RV right? Come on lady wake up.I realize its been a while since this post but hopefully you get the message.

Jun 18, 2012
Pets that travel
by: Anonymous

Find the breed you love (Im an English Springer Spaniel lover), contact a reputable breeder and get a "finished" dog that needs it's permanent home. Find one that is crate trained and travelled in an RV to the dog shows.

Mine have RV travelled since puppies and they just love it!

"Finished" means it has it's championship and the breeder is either through breeding it or is not going to breed it or will make other arrangements with you in regard to that part.

You don't go thru the chewing puppy stage.....they are wonderful pets!

Jun 21, 2010
Little Dogs - Big Hearts
by: wil

You might consider a Havanese or, if you like really wired little characters, a Jack Russell Terrier. We have a Schipperke, which is simply a bossy German Shepherd in mufti -- he has too much hair for your requirements. Damned cute, though.

Jun 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

I know about the pet size limits - which is why we are looking for small-med dog. The question to ya'll full time rv'ers' is what breed of dog how you found to be adaptable in an rving environment. Excluding "hair" dogs like shitzu's, poodles, etc.

You experience and knowledge is appreciated.

Jun 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

If you are going to get a dog, don't get one that will get very big. Many parks will not allow any over 40 lbs, some less. Several parks that I am familiar with have section were pets are allowed. Some RV parks will not allow pets.

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