Trillium Trailers

Trillium Trailers

by Sharon
(Mesa, AZ)

Trillium Travel Trailers

Trillium Travel Trailers

Trillium trailers are made in Ontario with the same quality, design, and floor plans true to the original manufacturing standards.

Still built with a fiberglass body the new models have high tech name brand appliances and other upgrades expected in today's RVs.

The first trailers were built in the late 1960's, but the company states that most of their travel trailers are still on the road today - even though they are more than 35 years old. That's pretty impressive.

Trillium travel trailers have a lightweight design that can be towed with an SUV's, mini van, or even a compact car.

The upper and lower halves are fiber-glass bonded together to form a solid body. It is dust-proof, water-proof which makes them durable, easy to clean, and aerodynamic.

There are no screws and rivets holding the trailer together. The Trillium's floor is like a boat hull and would probably float!

We spotted this little Trillium RV in a Mesa, AZ park.

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