To RV or not to RV

To RV or not to RV

by Kim
(Deming nm)

I am 56 and work as a travelling RN. The agencies I work for provide full housing and utilities plus travel expenses to/from jobs. If I were to start RV'ing I would net an additional 1200/mo (and up depending on locations).

My question is would I be able to at least break even if I were to invest in a travel unit and do the RV thing? I am a fairly practical person so the idea of added fuel costs, increased insurance (on unit) and the price of getting something to travel in all has to balance out.

Does any one have any insight that might be useful? And when it comes to travel units what is best? Motor home and towed vehicle or travel....fifth wheel vs standard tongue set up etc. Help.....I feel like I am missing a golden opportunity to enjoy my travels more but as I has to all balance out.

Thanks KIM

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