Tire Replacement

Tire Replacement

I am thinking of purchasing a 2005 coach with 22,000 miles. The current tires are a 2004 Goodyear - G670 vintage. Should I be looking at replacing them or are they good to go? To look at them they look fine. I sure would like some input on this quandary.


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Jul 03, 2012
Old Tires
by: Mike C

To a certain extent I agree. I firmly believe that it depends if the RV has been stored inside most all of it's life. I had an RV motorhome that had tires on it for 8 years before I replaced them. I have had cars with tires almost that old but they all were stored inside or under cover where the sun did not hit them. My current trailer has tires that are 5 years old. This trailer has been stored inside for 5 years and used only a half a dozen times. We are now going to be full timers, and I don't plan on replacing them any time soon.

Apr 20, 2012
Replace tires after 5 years
by: Anonymous

We have had blow outs on the expressway with tires that were only 4 years old; but badly weathered by by sitting in AZ sun. The tire place said always replace tires on RV's after 5 years...regardless of how many miles on them.

Apr 11, 2012
Tire Replacement
by: Cowgirl Kathi

I'm with Ron. When it comes to tires, I believe the rule of thumb is the YEARS on the tires, not the number of MILES that makes the critical difference. Better safe than sorry; I would negotiate the asking price for this motorhome based on the age and replacement cost of the tires! Good luck with this.

Apr 11, 2012
Replace Tires
by: Ron

Replace them!

I've had three blowouts before realizing my tires were well over their time. God willing, I had no damage, etc. after 6/7 yrs, you are gambling with your life.

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