Tips Frugal Living

Tips Frugal Living

by Cindy

We live in our small light weight travel trailer full time. We love to read, but bringing a library of books with us isn't practical or a very frugal use of space.

We use a Sony Readertips frugal living instead of purchasing printed books. It is similar to the Amazon Kindle except you can read your library books on it. If you don't have a computer the Kindle is a better choice for you since you don't need a computer to download the books.

Our Sony Reader is perfect for our RV lifestyle and our frugal use of the limited space in our trailer. It will hold 350 books or even more if you keep some of them on your computer and load them to the reader when you plan to read them.

If you don't have an internet connection the Kindle would also be the better choice. You don't need a connection to download books from Amazon. It's easy and you will save money since the digital books cost less than the hard covers and most paperbacks too.

We recommend it for Rvers looking to save space, weight, and money while still enjoying reading great books.

We look forward to reading more "Tips Frugal Living" and enjoy visiting this site often.

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Nov 16, 2009
Pandigital Photo Frame
by: Mary Ann

Just wanted to add my 2 cents to this tips for frugal Rving forum.

We purchased a pandigital photo scanner and pandigital photo frame to save on space and weight in our RV.

First we scanned all of our photos (50+ years of photos) with the scanner which was super easy and quick to do. The photos are all stored on a tiny SD disk that pops right into the digital photo frame.

You can see all of your favorite photos in one picture frame. It's easy to pop the SD disk into your computer and back up all of your photos.

This product has worked so well for us that we actually tossed out all of those photos we were carrying around. Now our photos are safer stored on the disks and backed up.

Plus we aren't carrying around all those pictures anymore. It's a really great product for people who are trying to save space yet take their precious memories with them. We highly recommend the PandigitalPandigital Photo Frame products.

Nov 16, 2009
Ways To Be Frugal
by: Tony

We are full time RV living also and even though we have always lived in a Class A Recreational Vehicle we still need to conserve space and weight to increase our fuel milage.

We use the Amazon Kindle and find that it is a wonderful alternative to traditional books. The downloads are super fast and easy.

We can keep up with the latest best sellers or even our local newspaper while we travel. All without taking up any space, and like you mentioned the digital downloads are less expensive.

How can you go wrong with a product like that. Saves time, space and money. I am glad I got mine. You can find more information on the Kindle here: Kindle Wireless Reading DeviceFrugal RVing.

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