Time to move on

Time to move on

by Kolby

I belong to a family of 4. My husband, 2 young kids and I. My husband just got a job that requires him to be everywhere but home for about 3 months at a time. He works 11 days and is home for 3 days. This has been extremely hard on our children and I, so we have decided to start the transition into full-timers and go with him.

At the moment his job pays over $3,000 a month so we think we can afford it, if work will allow him to do it since they fly him all over the place.

Step 1: Get work approval
Step 2: Get loan approval
Step 3: Purchase
Step 4: Move
Step 5: Go

Our lease is up at the end of May. We have until then to get this worked out. Wish us luck!

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