Thinking about full time RVing

Thinking about full time RVing

by Bill Lester
(Idaho Springs, CO)

Looking at a possible job with a company that would have me working in different states. Thinking that selling the house and buying a truck and 5er may be the way to go so I am not away from the family. The wife loves to travel anyway. We love scuba diving and plan to aim for the southern Florida area eventually but we will dive anywhere we can.

From the articles on here, we are thinking of making Texas our domicile due to the homeschooling requirements (two teenagers). Using Google Maps and looking at RV parks in Florida, it looks like it can be a bit pricey to stay at a RV park. Other articles say this can be cheaper.

The question is, if I start out with the new company by offering to travel wherever they need me (1-3 weeks at a time in one place), and we get a new truck and trailer (oh, the payments), how much should we expect to pay to park near major cities (I will be working on overhead message boards and other electronic signs and devices)?

Is there a way to call ahead to places and try to work out a "work to stay" deal for such short periods? How hard is it to move from place to place in the colder climates (preparation of the water system for traveling)? I need as much information as you all can provide. I have to know how much wages and expenses I have to ask for in order to pay my bills (credit card debt and child support).

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