Things To Consider Before You Live In An RV Fulltime

Things To Consider Before You Live In An RV Fulltime

by Alana Day
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

Living in an RV full time sounds like an adventure of a lifetime with no permanent roots, going where you want and staying as long as you want; but before you do, there are some things that you should consider.

The main thing, besides buying an RV if you do not already have one, is selling your home and either storing or getting rid of personal belongings. This can be emotional because like most people, you have a treasure trove of personal belongings that have meaning or sentimental value; so you have to decide what to take and what to store or sell. After all, there is not a lot of room in an RV.

If you are a close knit family, with the children and other relatives living in the same general area, being on the road means that it is going to be hard to just get together for impromptu gatherings; if you have grandchildren, this means that by being on the road you are going to be missing out on a lot of their lives and if you have any close friends it might be hard to leave them too. The good thing is that on your trip you are going to meet new friends.

Another thing that needs to be considered is how you are going to stay in touch. You can use snail mail or a cell phone, but the best and easiest way, is to make sure that your RV has internet access so that, you can stay in touch by email, webcam, and chat. You can even make a web page telling of your journey, and post pictures so that the family back home, knows what you are doing and they can feel like they are taking part in the trip.

As mentioned before, space is limited and so are the places where you are going to store items. It is not like your home where you can leave stuff out to put away later. Everything has to be put back when you are done with it because not only is storage space limited so is walking space. You want to make sure that you do not leave things lying around on the floor to trip over.

You also need to consider the costs of living in an RV full time. Sure, you will not have the traditional house or rent payment, but you do have to consider the cost of gas to keep the RV on the road, plus the cost of the places you are going to stay and you need to also consider saving money in case of an emergency.

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