The Worst Restaurant I've Ever Seen

The Worst Restaurant I've Ever Seen

by John
(On the Road in America)

My wife and I are full timers and have been on the road for several years. We were traveling through Tennessee one time and stopped in a place called Clinch Mountain Restaurant.

We are what is known as a 'workcampers'; doing odd jobs to make ends meet while traveling. We have excellent references.

When we visited Clinch Mountain Restaurant on recommendation of a friend, we worked a deal to do dishes during rush hour in trade for one evening's meal and a night hooked up to their sewer and electricity.

Now, in my 64 years, I've worked in a lot of eateries; but I have NEVER seen such a filthy kitchen in my life. The water heater was not up to the job of keeping sufficient water to health department standards. I do not see how any place that serves food to the public can run a business with under deplorable conditions.

We will never eat there again, and highly recommend others give this cesspit a wide berth. In fact, we were so put off by the condition of their kitchen, we will likely go around Tennessee altogether in the future.

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