The thinning process and stepping forward with plans

The thinning process and stepping forward with plans

by Lin D

A small portion of my dining room filled with garage sale stuff

A small portion of my dining room filled with garage sale stuff

We talked about long RV trips after retirement. Then we began talking full time RVing and not having to worry about a house left empty, as were were not going to live in our current location after retirement anyway, as the kids and grandkids were 5 hours away on the other side of the state.

A couple of years ago, after my mom who lived with us died, we made the decision to sell the house after he retired and move on. A visit with our financial advisor moved retirement up a year, only 1 1/2 years from now.

We began looking for 5th wheels(our preference). We found a hardly used old one that had been garaged and like new. We had it towed to a storage area not far from our home. Then we made the decision to sell our home next summer and live the last few months of his working in the RV and being able to take off as soon as he retires.

Since New Year's, I have been going through cupboards, closets, and drawers tagging things for a garage sale. My dining room is unrecognizable with all the bins and boxes, poised to go. Most items are marked $1-2, just to find them a new home. What doesn't sell will go to the church rummage sale.

So many things I held onto from my children's childhoods as precious are now tagged to go. They seemed precious to me for years, but my own kids didn't want the stuff, Some things are a bit bitter sweet to let go but we will only have a 10 x 10 space in one daughter's basement for storage.

But getting rid of so much is also freeing, liberating and a step closer to finding our dream on the road. Last week we finally purchased a new truck to tow the 5th wheel. Now we have to learn how to do it, a bit daunting and exciting. The thinning process is quite a process after 40+ years of marriage and 4 kids.

There are still those who think us crazy but we figure if we hate it we go buy a place near the kids and try a different dream. But seeing the country on a very long vacation, sounds like a dream to us. Next year we sell the furniture and house.

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