The best truck to pull a travel trailer?

The best truck to pull a travel trailer?

by Savy

Hi! My name is Savy (short for Savannah) and I’ve been thinking about full time Rving for quite a long time. I’ve planned through and through for downsizng, budgeting, and just overall living. I’ve even picked out a trailer within my budget that I want.

The only base I haven’t covered would be the truck to pull it. Alright, I hear you, that’s a big thing not to have covered right away lol.

The thing is I know literally nothing about trucks. I have a Suzuki that I’m going to sell in order to buy a truck to pull my trailer but I have no idea which truck would be right or where to look for a reliable one.

I’m thinking about pulling a 4,600 lbs 22ft travel trailer. However, I’m thinking I want a smaller truck and will be fine with something a little bit stubby so the length of the rig isn’t as overwhelming. I’m also thinking I’d use the truck bed for extra storage with a cab cover (is that what they’re called?).

Does a truck like this even exist? What should I really be looking for in a truck? How can I tell if it can pull my trailer?

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