Terra Joy Begins. Ready to Launch. Genesis / Origin

Terra Joy Begins. Ready to Launch. Genesis / Origin

by Carter's
(North East Md)

My wife and I are a month a way with closing date set. Taking our 2 dogs Adam and Eden, brother and sister border collie and cattle dog mix along for an adventure of a lifetime too!

We will be cruising the country visiting hopefully all the animal sanctuaries and Calvary Chapels we have time for. As it turns out in our lives we are blessed as baby boomers having lived as a generation of free thinkers that changed the world with our imagination and courage.

The times are stale and our voices hardly heard. The country we idealized and the nation we imagined we could be has gone off course. Our American dream is now a long and varied list of things now individualized.

Deeeeeep down we boomers are looking for a 3rd act before this Play of Life is over. We went to school, got married, bought the house and raised them up did the career thing, amassed enough material to feel successful and "fulfilled" and now theyre gone, work is work, counting out those last few years trying to plan out your coin stretch and yet theres lots of life left.

It's our time now. Be brave, be immaginative, be strong. We already proved what we are capable of. Go see the country you made great. Its out there, hiding a bit but beautiful as ever and ready to make you proud. We all just need to look deeper and longer now and we say to those who who are on the fence, realize that you have the time now and nothing to loose......you can pull up and visit .....or store it...haha

To see a country up close and personal, do something meaningful for others, and animals. To be selfless and pick up a cause, a forgotten activity. It starts in 30 days with a trip to NC to pick up our class B Concord. As for the dogs, after looking at 1,000 pics on line I found these 2 amazing buddies on line in Arkansas abandoned on the side of the road. They have been the reigning luckiest dogs in the world for 5 yrs running. The shelter drove them to us in Md. A noble cause. Be inspired too. There are only only so many acts in this play and we get to be the stars!

HERE WE GO. Off to Maine in 30 days. Go for it. Stay tuned!!

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