Supplimental security income SSI fiasco

Supplimental security income SSI fiasco

by Dakota
(Oregon, USA)

Supplemental security income is probably one of the most frustrating parts of my life. It's easy to think ssi recipients are just mooching off the system, but let me tell you I'd rather be anywhere else, except homeless.

I've been filtering through the puzzle of receiving ssi while being a full-timer for almost two years now and I'm not sure where I stand. Every time I go to the social security office to ask questions it seems they have a different reply to the same question. Often they appear almost hostile that I might be trying to cheat the system.

I've tried researching online. all the articles I've found regarding social security and fulltime rving is either geared toward the retiree with a savings or those with ssd. Both lifestyles hold an entirely different set of rules and problems then being on ssi.

Not only that being a single mother, the few articles i could find didn't apply to me. they were discussing those who were married or both had ssi. that also changes the rules quite a bit.

The first problem I noticed is that ss was entirely convinced I needed to have a permanent address in order to continue receiving ssi. and that along with that I would need to report a rental/payment amount. but if I fulltime rv and boondocked I would lose ssi due to not having a permanent address or a rental amount to claim. after explaining I would be in a rv spot a few times a month along with camping here or there where I am permitted (blm) I would not rally have rent to report. which would in turn help me pay for proper food for me and my son. 300 fs + 100 out of my pocket is not quite enough to eat healthy. though we still eat. the lady I talk to became quite hostile and said "well, someone has to pay your rent!" (who then? state of oregon? blm? who do I send my payment to? lol!)

She then handed me (aggressively) a stack of change of address forms and envelopes saying every time I parked my rv I had to send in a change of address notice.

That I don't understand. I was homeless for two and half years. not once did social security b**ch about me having no permenant address then and they knew very well I was homeless. so they had every chance to move against me.

This along with various other small things, such as the pressure of not owning possessions or cash of more then ~$2000, has kept me from setting up proper fulltime rving lifestyle. if I lose my ssi I will suffer massively. I would likely be forced to give up my son.

Does anyone full time on supplemental security income? quite frankly ss has done nothing to assist me in this matter except make me feel inferior and scared. and keep me paying rv park rent.

The second thing I noticed is that a lot of articles that address the cost of fulltime rving seem to think that 1500 a month is about average for "cheap" rv living. hold-the-phone! I get 730 a month! where do all those expenses come from! anybody out there rving for near that amount or less?

So far it seems I'm park bound in the matter of money. but I can't give up hope. all through high school it was made clear I wouldn't go very far or have a happy life unless I went to college and made a six digit income.

Well let me tell you I'm living like a queen on 8,000 a year. sure I take the bus, instead of owning a car. I live in a tiny 17' 1981 brougham, instead of a two story house. but I got air-conditioning, $20 internet, and a bit of spare change for a babysitter once in a while. I really am doing ok.

I don't plan on traveling for 100's of miles a month. my general plan is to blm hop. park on blm for a week or two. going into town for shopping and tanking, maybe stay the night in a park. go back to a new blm spot. and generally creep my way around Oregon. anywhere between 100-150 miles a month is an upper estimate. I'm the park and play sort of rver at heart. don't like a whole lot of driving.

I just wish it didn't feel like such a punishment to be on ssi. there seem a greater punishment for daring to help yourself. because it really does fell like I'm being expected to sit and wait to die. instead of traveling to see the beauty of the world.

No wonder so many of us (not all of us, to be sure) end up drinking, smoking, and being porn hounds. what else is there to do!

Well... I could marry rich! ROTFLMAO!!!!

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Feb 27, 2017
Your house
by: Anonymous

Declare the RV as your house, it will have NO effect on the $2,000 limit. .... SSI allows up to 2 cars ..... You do need a permanent address. ... I use a friends and have done so for several years. ... If you encounter hostility, you'd be surprised at how incredibly helpful Federal Government workers are. .. You can reset your status on the phone ... Just do it late, very late at night. .... I had someone snooping around and called SSI because I was worried it was politically motivated..... I spent 45 mins with someone who was so nice.... At the end he said OK you're good to go for 24 months !!! ... Call us back if you have any problems ... I should also say my SSI came from a County Hospital .... They're not known for lies, and they ARE the Federal Government. .... Good luck.

Feb 09, 2017
My experience with SSI as a full time RVer
by: Sarah

I know you posted this a while ago but I thought I'd share my experience just in case you are still having issues, or for anyone else my experience might be able to help.

I receive some SSI, and also some SSD, I am attending college online, I work part time odd jobs, and I'm a full time RVer. The way I deal with SSI is I tell the social security office that I'm homeless. I set up automatic deposit of my check; the money goes directly into my account. If you have a payee service through the social security office you will need to apply to become your own payee first, which is a super easy process that only requires your doctor to fill out a form for you, that's seriously it.

As an address for all mail correspondence I use a P.O. Box in the state of my domicile and I forward the mail to wherever I happen to be staying, or I have a family member pick it up for me. For the P.O. box I pay online so I can pay from anywhere.

I still have my doctors in the state of my domicile,and go to my appointments every 6 months with them, and I pay out of pocket for urgent care if I get sick in between. Because, for some reason that makes no sense, social security requires that I get regular doctor's checkups to monitor my condition to make sure I'm still disabled even though I've had my condition since birth and It's never gotten worse or better since then!(ridiculous waste of tax payer money if you ask me)

For appointments with social security I always request phone appointments so I can do all my work with them over the phone and never have to go into the office, you can also mail paperwork to them instead of going into the office. Also technically, according to the law, if you do not have a permanent address you can be considered homeless by the social security office, as full time RVers we are considered "transient" which by the social security office standards a transient person is considered homeless, especially if you are staying on BLM land or other public land for free.

Don't give up hope you can do this. Also you are in a better place than me because you are mostly staying in the same state, don't even get me started with how difficult it is if you tell the social security office that you are living in a different state every few months they go crazy LOL.

I hope your situation worked out for you, and best of luck to you and your kid in the full time RV world. :)

Jul 16, 2015
by: Alaskan_Gypsy

You have many excuses as to why it doesn't work and as long as you live by them nothing will change.
Your situation is bad but many single moms make it. If your on SSI then you have a qualifying disability? But I have seen people in a wheelchair they maneuver by blowing in a tube working at a job so yes there are opportunities out there if you want them.

That said, stay somewhere (family, friends) and use their address to proceed through the process. Then get on the road and as previously mentioned use direct deposit and live on a debit card via that account. You could park your RV in their backyard and pay a little for hookups, you could use their address and even their wifi. You could set up a bank account for direct deposit. You could do it if you wanted.

Unfortunately I get the impression you'd rather whine and not make it work. Good Luck but make some personal changes if you want it.

Jun 22, 2015
ok so yeah house and apartment rent is more then we make on ssi
by: Anonymous

I get $650 a month in cash and 177 food stamp so how can I afford an apartment when they are like anywhere from $850-1200 monthly plus first and last month rent sometimes and deposit of what ever they decide. And the same for rent to own homes except its from $850-2800 monthly.

so how are we making it on ssi any way sparingly .
in order to survive on ssi we have to do side jobs too some times. my rv lot rent is any where from $325-550 then I have my cell phone bill my electric bill my cable bill and propane to cook with cost and internet to keep ssi happy. so after that where is then hygiene product's clothing when needed oh and food too with the rising prices of food how is 177 in food stamps enough to be healthy.

so where can we have a permanent address well I guess we have to use family addresses or good friends address if we can even trust them lol.

Jun 09, 2015
by: buckeye6977

I use my son's address as my permanent address. I also have direct deposit and do not contact them every time I change parks. I do however do what is called workamping. I work in the park and receive free lot space and utilities. The only thing I pay for is my food.

Jun 09, 2015
New Tax Law regarding motor home for business
by: Anonymous

Rent a mail box from the USPC or UPS.

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