Suddenly Full Time!

Suddenly Full Time!

by Sunny
(Portland Or (for now))

This happened so fast with barely any planning. I can't even believe it sometimes myself. 15 months ago I was doing the same thing I'd done for years - Going to work as a divorced woman, taking care of my home and enjoying my two grown sons. Then it happened. The love of my life came back into my life after 33 years apart. We communicated, romanced and worked our way closer together. He moved to be closer to me and we were married March 26 this year. He's retired and now I've been given notice of layoff as on June 30. So all these years of dreaming of living life on the road, "camping", traveling - it's all coming together now. We launched forward with a shared dream - we bought a motorhome, sold the house and are disposing of all possessions that are either not valuable enough to store or can't fit in the RV. We need to be out of this home in 5 days. My job ends in 35 days. After that - we are true full timers.

I admit we don't really know what we're doing, but we sure know what we're looking for. We are searching for community. The thought of a mobile, ever-changing RV community of people with shared ambitions, dreams and values sounds perfect. I'm so glad I found this forum and look forward to "meeting" many new friends as we all embark on this amazing journey. How lucky we are!

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Jun 15, 2011
Go 4 it!
by: Steven

Letting go is the first step that leads to letting in. The "stuff" you have been storing will not be missed.

I was full time RVer...then I made the mistake of returning to the lifestyle that is not nearly as rewarding as FTRV.

You will meet some of the nicest and most interesting people you could ever hope to meet. Co not be surprised when you bump into them time and time again.

Jun 03, 2011
by: Glenda

Your story is fantastic. You'll have a great time with the freedom you're getting. We just 'launched' into full timing 5/30/11 and had a month to dispose of all our 25 yrs worth of 'stuff'. Truly a major undertaking. We weren't sure what we were going to do when suddenly we got an invitation to workkamp in the Blue Ridge Mtns for the summer (via a resume on Workkamper News). We just got here Wednesday & are loving it so far. Working a few hours a day is definitely worth the enjoyment of this river campground & having a sense of 'community'. With the price of gas, we're not in that big a hurry to see everywhere all at once anyway. We're looking forward to investigating the area at a slow pace. Try not to get hung up on keeping a schedule.

Jun 02, 2011
Full Time
by: Jill

Congratulations on finding the love of your life again, and for your new lifestyle! My husband and I have been on the road four weeks now, and so far so good! Leaving Pensacola tomorrow and heading to New Orleans, can't wait.

Have a wonderful time living the dream!

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