Storage Configuration

Storage Configuration

by Linda H

We are going to be semi full timers come July (once able to sell house will be fulltimers). We've had our Fleetwood Expedition for 2 years now and the longest time we've ever spent in it is one month. Now I am realizing I need to reconfigure all the inside storage/cabinet areas. I think my biggest challenge is the 'linen closet' & kitchen cabinets area. I thought about using baskets and/or plastic bins, especially in the 'linen closet' but don't think I already own any the size needed and surely don't want to go out and buy more! Does anyone know have any ideas or know sites that have pictures with measurements that could give info? Thanks everyone.

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Feb 26, 2011
Full Timing
by: Linda H

I have to laugh now when I read my original post about storage issues in our motorhome. Once on the road you learn so much.

We spent the better part of 6 months last year on the road and we had a lot of storage space. The linen closet dilemma was easily resolved by not taking so many towels & sets of sheets. So now we only carry 1 extra set of sheets for our bed and one set for the sleeper sofa for when we have overnighters....I have reconfigured the kitchen cabinet area several different times and still am not satisfied, mainly because of not being able to reach all the way back to get to stuff LOL! Having an on-board washer/dryer is great.

Storage is an individual thing for all RVers no matter what type of RV they have. We have what we consider most important with us, ie pics, important papers, clothing, personal hygiene, etc. with us at all times and do not lack for storage space at all.

Can't wait to get back on the road again in another month!

Happy travels everyone.

May 07, 2010
Thank you
by: Linda

Thank you Lew for your suggestions...I never thought about rolling the towels, I just might try that! We've been rving in one form or another our whole married life, and this is our second MH. As I had mentioned we had our 'real' trial run on the one month trip last year. Now I want to make optimal use of all of our storage. I just have always used baskets or bins in our house to keep things looking neater & more organized and am thinking the same theory should work for the MH, it's just I'm not quite sure how to configure things....I think the upper kitchen cabinet is my biggest challenge! It seems nothing works in that area! Definitely plan on using the bins in the lower part of the linen closet and also above the W/D cabinet. Oh, we have been planning this new journey for several years now and have checked out a lot of things, have made friends with full timers who have given us a lot of good advice... Thanks for your comments & advice.

May 06, 2010
Fulltiming & Storage
by: Lew Mann

We fulltimed for 3.5 years in our 38' Dutch Star diesel pusher. The only baskets we used were small and narrow to hold items in our medicine chest over the bathroom sink.

Kitchen dishes and serving plates were (and still are) stored vertically on wood pegged platforms - kind of like the dishwasher. I don't remember where we found them.

All other kitchen stuff is just placed in the cabinets. However, we did place that non-slip fabric on the bottom of shelves. RV dealers like our store sell it. But, you can get it just about everywhere.

In the linen closet my wife folded and rolled towels (like a sleeping bag) and stored them that way.

Pots and pans were stored in lower cabinets.

We've never had any significant movement of stuff in any cabinet while going down the road. Of course, it helps if the driver is cautious, makes slow, lazy turns, slowly accelerates and slowly comes to a stop.

Don't forget basement storage! In our center basement compartment that is accessed from either side of the coach we installed a Joey Bed that slides either way about 70%. We also installed a sliding tray in one other compartment.

Don't forget to set up a mail forwarding system: either a commercial service like we used or via USPS.

Enjoy your fulltiming experience!

Lew Mann
Webmaster & "Doer of Many Things"
J.D. Sanders RV Center
Alachua, Florida

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