Still in the Dreaming Stage!

Still in the Dreaming Stage!

by Jeri

We have friends who are gatekeepers for oil wells. They love it and now we have the bug! To be honest I have always been a secret wondering soul but my husband is very much the homebody. I say secret because I have kept that part of my personality in check so to speak. So much so that even I forgot it existed until our friends "woke" it up!

We are now making plans to join them. If it were up to me we'd leave today, but my practical hubby knows we need to have more in savings. We do not wish to sell our home so we need to make sure we have enough saved to make the mortgage payments in case we don't find a job right away or, like our friends, have some down time in between jobs.

One comforting thing is,today my husbands boss said if full-time RVing didn't work out for us he would have his old job waiting for him! Only problem is it is part-time. The rest of our income comes from my very small cleaning business and a magazine delivery route. I'm pretty sure I could find another account if we needed to, but I'm sooo done with cleaning! I'm 55 and my husband is 60 and the work is taking a toll on the bodies!
We could use some tips on good jobs for RVers.

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May 11, 2013
Still in the Dreaming Stage!
by: Jeri

Thanks buckeye6977, I checked out Workcampers. I'm not ready to spend the $42.00 for a membership (all be it lifetime) yet. But it is an option. We really want to try the oil well guarding but I like knowing what other options are out there.

May 06, 2013
RV Jobs
by: buckeye6977

There are plenty of jobs available for full timers.Check out RVers on Wheels or they both list jobs. Good luck on your decision.

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