Staying Cool Out on the Road

Living out on the open road can be quite the adventure whether you do so full time or only part time. During the winter months, you will have to figure out how to stay warm wherever you are and then there is the problem of dealing with all of the holidays and the chaos that comes with them. During the summer months, there are additional problems to deal with for your full time RV lifestyle. You are going to find it harder to deal with your lifestyle during the summer months for a number of reasons, including the heat of summer.

One of the advantages of living in a well appointed RV is the ability to make it have all the comforts of your home. You can decorate it as you choose, of course, and do everything that you can to keep the climate as comfortable as possible as well. The summer months can become incredibly hot and humid, especially in certain areas of the country. For those who are sensitive to extreme changes in the temperature, especially those who have breathing problems, it might be even more necessary to keep cool while motoring along.

RV Air ConditionerThe most obvious way to keep cool while you are out on the road is with an air conditioner unit, but that is not always efficient to do and can be very costly in terms of money and your energy usage. Using a swamp cooler in your RV might be a better way to keep your cool, but these are only effective in certain situations and must be installed correctly to be of any use at all.

Driving to avoid the heat and humidity can be another option; you can plan your route to take advantage of the areas where cooler weather is the norm. There are a number of places where you might find cooler temperatures and lower humidity, making the climate far more comfortable.

If you belong to an RV group or club, ask other members for suggestions that will give you the best places to go, including the parts of the United States and Canada that offer warm days and cooler, more comfortable evening times. Campsite areas that are in wooded parts of the state may be cooler than those that are just open and un-shaded during the day. Areas that are near lakes or rivers are also typically cooler and afford you the opportunity to swim when you are too hot as well.

You can park your RV so that you are not sitting in the bright sunlight and can take advantage of awnings or shades to keep the interior protected as well. Reducing the amount of time that you spend going in and out of your RV itself can also keep the temperature cooler.

Finally, keep in mind that how you dress and how you react to the temperature may influence how you feel in your RV, so try to stick with cooler clothing and do other things to keep your own body cool too.