Splendide 2000 Washer/Dryer combo

Splendide 2000 Washer/Dryer combo

My washer sometimes (not everytime) will really rock and roll when entering the spin cycle for about 4 to 5 seconds. Is this normal? Also, can you wash a set of queen sheets in it?

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May 07, 2013
by: Julia

DO NOT wash two large sheets at the same time. One sheet and one bath towel and one wash cloth.
Swishes around nicely and dries better. Another load can be One sheet, 2 pair underwear, two pair socks, 2 bras. We wash two loads a day, Always leave the window by the washer/dryer partly opened (a must). If you are in a park with a nice laundry room, use their washers for your large loads, and only use your personal washer/dryer for your personals. I love having a washer/dryer in the coach, it comes in handy when you want to wash small items real quick.

Dec 23, 2012
Splendide Washer
by: Janice

The disadvantage to a front loading washer is you don't have the option of reorganizing the load. . .it is what it is until that door unlocks. . .good luck.

Ours is not a Splendide. . .but it is a front loading. . .and it does the exact same thing.

Using some of those grey foam insulation rolls that you put around a water hose. . .and stuffing them down the sides has helped tremendously. . .

Would love to know if you find a solution!

Dec 18, 2012
Rock 'n Roll Washing Machine
by: CowgirlKathi

If your washer sometimes get to rockin' and banging in the spin cycle, it's because your load is OFF BALANCE. Open the lid, rearrange the items a bit and try again. This is the same phenomenon that occurs in a regular washing machine.

As to fitting a set of queen size sheets in, I don't know what size machine you are talking about, but my guess is that you'd get better results washing the top sheet separately from the bottom sheet...gives 'em more room to swish around and get clean!

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