Speeding and Space Management

Speeding and Space Management or driving too fast, and too close often causes accidents.

One of the easiest ways practice motorhome safety or RV towing safety is to follow posted MPH limits and to increase the space around your RV and other motorists.

Motorhome Safety & RV Towing Safety

Your stopping distance is affected by three factors; perception distance, reaction distance, and braking distance. Your RV is longer and larger than most other vehicles on the road and the stopping distance will not be the same as in your car or truck.

  • Perception Distance is the distance you travel from the time you notice a hazard until your brain registers it. For most people it's about three quarters of a second or about 60 feet at 55 miles per hour.
  • Reaction Distance is the time it takes to apply the brakes which is another 60 feet.
  • Braking Distance in a 40 to 50 foot RV at 55 miles per hour takes another 4.5 seconds.

That is a total of 6 seconds and a stopping distance of 500 feet at 55 miles per hour. At 65 the distance is more than 600 feet! And even longer if you are traveling faster than 65! If the road is wet, icy or you have poor visibility or inadequate tire treads the distance increases again.

RV Travel Safety Tips

Always allow a safe stopping distance. When RV driving; add additional seconds if road conditions are poor. Driving too fast will affect how your RV will handle on curves. You have a higher center of gravity and can easily turn over. Keep your eyes on your mirrors. If you encounter a tailgater slow down to encourage them to pass. Keep your RV center and steady, stay back from the pack, plan a safe space, allow one second of following distance for every ten feet of your RV and more if traveling over 40 miles per hour. Stay alert to stay out of danger.