South Dakota On a Budget

South Dakota On a Budget

by Carol


We have been retired and full time for 2 months. We are so very new and very concerned that the budget we have will support us for a little travel before we have to start doing some workcamping.

Next month we will be registering in South Dakota and want to experience as much as we can.

Any help will be appreciated.


The Smiths

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Jun 15, 2010
New Adventure
by: Linda H

Good luck 'The Smiths'!

We too are starting our new life's adventure at the end of this month. Unfortunately we won't be able to full time until we are able to sell the house. But at least hubby will be retired & we can come & go as we please. This first trip is going to be 5 or 6 months long. We are very blessed that we are able to travel and maintain the house. Still it will be tight for us and we must stay on budget.

At this point we have no plans to work camp, but have looked into it. I think if you want to stay in one place for several or more months at a time then that's the ticket. About the only place we might do that is in PA where our daughter & family now live. We have friends who just 'wing it' on a month to month basis without working & other friends who had to go to work camping after 7 years full timing with no working. I think it just depends on your individual circumstance. We've also heard mostly good things about the experience but also some real horror stories. Just make sure you check out everything before signing up.

Good luck on your new adventure.

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