Soon to be Full-Timers, any tips?

Soon to be Full-Timers, any tips?

by Cheryl & Ron
(Perryville, Mo., USA)

Hello, I'm so happy to find this site, we hope to learn a lot from it. My husband will retire in 10 years. Our dream is to be travel and live in our RV full-time. Due to the economy our retirement funds will be limited. Do any of you have any tips on how to live our dream on as little funds as possible? Thank you

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Nov 09, 2014
Downsizing now
by: Mahaley Campbell

Hubby is retired and I am still working (14 yr age difference) am over prestige of owning home and up keep.

He has health issues, so decided to downsize. Started selling furniture decided on LaCrosse 327res and I come home from work daily and separate what goes in garage sale or what goes in trash.

Already have 3 acres in country with full utilities so will base there. I cannot wait to only have to spend a hour cleaning. Or be able to hook up and go camping for week end. I already go to Pennsylvania for 3 weeks every summer. The cost of living in travel trailer that I can save monthly will go long ways in retirement!

Counting down the days!

Jan 14, 2011
Plan B

I would do an extended "trial" time. Sometimes the grass is not always greener or as green as it seems. Always have "plan B."

We moved to our fifth wheel while still living and working in Missouri. We did fairly well with that. Long story short, we are both now retired and living in a Class A currently in Florida.

A lot of "stuff" we kept ended up at the thrift stores. Just didn't need it. Could still do with less clothing. You need clothing for 4 seasons; just not so much of it.

We like to cook so we carry a lot of food and utensils with us. I have to have needlework to keep my hands busy and my garden is in pots. He plays golf and I bowl. Life has it's priorities.

Sep 20, 2010
I have to wait for approx. 2 more months.
by: Kim

I had to research and actually see the model I want and it seems I want a Claa C Coachmen Freelander 32BH, it has a bunk room section that will be great for my dog. She loves her carrier, which is not coming! On the top bunk, I want to display items I love, that reflect my interest and make me happy when I see them. I definitely plan to make my home on wheels personal. The reason I have to wait is so I can sell my house and pay cash, I probably couldn't get a 1 cent loan right now because of my credit score. Besides I want to pay off all my debt so that my retirement income is free and clear to use for gas and up keep. Read my next blog reference, RV dealers.

Sep 20, 2010
by: jim and judith

Jim and I moved out of a fairly large house and into a 30' motorhome in 1989. Both still working. I was 40, Jim 32. The new lifestyle allowed us to have adventures long before retirement and not having a "house" to support allowed us to retire in 2002. Ages 53 and 45. Still loving the life and have experienced things our home owning friends envy. We have parked 3 blocks from pier 39 in San Francisco to downtown Manhattan without paying to park once. Yes, fuel is expensive, but the house payment we don't have travels a very long way. We sleep in our own bed, use our own shower, cook in our own kitchen and never forget to pack the toothbrush. Those who called us crazy 21 years ago are now looking to buy a motorhome so they can survive this economy. Life is good, God is great.

Jul 15, 2010
I have a page on this site too.
by: Kim

Mine starts out as "I love this site". Journey with me while I do my research. I am considering a used motorhome, you may want to look at those too. Leave no stone unturned is my new motto when it comes to looking for the RV for me. From what I could tell, Diesel is a good way to go, it costs more per gallon initially but it will keep the vehicle running for much longer. I am currently in the middle of deciding which collectibles to keep or have at my yard sale, so sad, but I don't use them much anyways, and I can always buy more. I am currently looking at large class c models and maybe small class a models. The used ones of both are priced at wild low prices. I was advised to be careful with ones that are used, because they were rented, we all should know that people who actually owned the RV took better care of them. Also, I have learned that if you stay at national and state parks, it doesn't cost as much. Not to mention, the sites are bigger. Hope to see you out there, just think, no lawn mowers and yard maintenance...a campfire every night. I just can't wait.. For now I have to sell most all of my stuff, sell the house and hit the road. I am multi-tasking! Good luck! Kim (I love this site!)

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