Small light globes and big hands

Small light globes and big hands

by Ken
(Groesbeck, TX, USA)

We purchased a 2013 Sandpiper which we enjoy, BUT, the lights we have over our dining table and island have started burning out. I cannot get my hand inside the globes to reach the bulbs. Anyone have a suggestion to remedy this? Are there any larger globes out there that will work on RV's? Any help will be appreciated.

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Jan 25, 2014
Another use for duct tape
by: Anonymous

Roll up some duct tape so the sticky side is out so you can get the bulb out.

Jan 25, 2014
Light globes
by: Rob

Be prepared for the cost. LEDs are way too expensive for my blood and I just don't like the light they throw off. I go thru 3/4 bulbs a year.

I'm lucky in that I can reach in with finger and thumb. I also use a throw away rubber exam glove which let's me grab hold as well as keeps the skin oils off the bulb.


Jan 25, 2014
LED Globes last 50,000 plus hours
by: Tony

Hi Ken
I don't have a solution but can I suggest when you do find out, change them to LED's. They use 90% less energy and last 50,000 plus hours so they won't need replacing again.


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