Small Camping Trailers

Over the last few years, mostly because of the rising gas prices, small camping trailers have grown in popularity. The mini RV trailer is lightweight, fuel efficient, low maintenance, and easier to tow than a full size camper. This type of camper, sold new or used by a variety of manufacturers, is more affordable than a larger trailer and it’s small enough that you can actually make one, provided you have a steady hand and work well with power tools.

Benefits of a Small Travel Trailer

Aside from being affordable and light enough to move by hand, mini RV trailers have other benefits. A small camper allows you to do things that you can't do with a large trailer, such as access back roads, make narrow turns or slow down quickly in the event of an emergency or traffic jam. You can take your trailer with you around town, find parking easily and enjoy the outdoors, since the small space encourages you to go out.

Image Courtesy of: unwiredadventures/Flicker

Small camping trailers hold their value better than traditional RV's because of their fuel efficiency and they prevent you from spending money on miscellaneous items because of the limited amount of storage space. When you are not using the trailer as a home, you may use it to move or store items, rent it out or lend it to a friend or family member that wants to experience life on the road.

Also good for the environment, these energy savers don't emit fumes, are made with smaller quantities of materials that take long to decompose and are durable. One company, Livin Lite, goes so far as to make its miniature campers from recyclable materials.


A mini RV trailer, while small, does come in various lengths with widths between four and ten feet. Some of the RV's are tall enough that you can stand up straight, while others have low ceilings that require you to sit, lay, bend or slouch. Depending on the manufacturer, the camper may or may not have a shower, a toilet, or a refrigerator but it does have a bed, storage and fenders.


Despite their size, small camping trailers do come with options, such as hardwood interiors of birch or oak. Awnings, air conditioners, dual gas tanks and a screen door are among other features you might want to add to your small travel trailer, as well as:

  • Cushions
  • Safety Chains
  • Stabilizer Jacks
  • Custom Paint Job
  • Three Speed Fan
  • Television Antenna
  • Bike Rack

A rear hatch is a highlight among all of the tiny campers that Little Guy has for sale while Livin Lite offers a three-year structural warranty.

New or Used

Small camping trailers don't require much maintenance since they don't have the plumbing, electric, or gas lines like that of a standard RV, so you don't have to consider much when debating if you should buy new or used. Of course new is always better because you get the warranty, you can customize the trailer, and you're the first to sleep on the bed. Buying used is also a good option if affordability is a factor, but the main thing you have to worry about is rust on the body, replacing tires, and possibly the mattress.

If you are considering life on the road and don't want to invest a lot of money upfront, starting out with a mini RV is a good option. It gives you a chance to see the country in ways not possible with a full size camper and allows you the opportunity to become comfortable towing a vehicle. Small camping trailers also do less damage to your wallet so you can see more and pay less.