Slide Awnings Holding Water

Slide Awnings Holding Water

by Deb Rust

We have recently purchased a 2011 Mobile Suite with 3 super size slides. They all have awnings which have a problem holding water until the wind 'pours' it off, they are tight. If standing on the steps to come in the front door & they decide to cut loose, you are in for a real drenching. I also worry about the extra weight on the slides. Does anyone have an idea how we can get the water to drain regularly? We have spoken to the dealer & manufacturer, neither can offer any suggestions to help.

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Dec 20, 2011
by: d rust

Thank you for your suggestions!

Dec 18, 2011
Solution for slide topper
by: Anonymous

We use a beach ball, inflated and pushed under the awning. Easy to store when we are on the road because they deflate!!

Dec 18, 2011
Slide Topper Awnings
by: ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing

I know this may sound crazy. . .but I have read about folks who would push a volleyball up under the awning material to cause a slope. . .sounds as though it might work. . .I guess you would need some way to put them up there and retrieve them. . .good luck,


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