Seriously Considering Full-time RV Life

Seriously Considering Full-time RV Life

by Robert
(North Carolina)

My wife and I are seriously considering selling our home, limiting our possessions and buying a pickup and fifth-wheel RV to live in. My job has me traveling a lot. With the "downsizing" my wife could stop working or get a job where I work for the time I'm there and we could be together more. We have been praying about this and really believe it's what we're supposed to do.

We have a few questions for the veterans out there:

1) State residence...our youngest is in his first year of college. We would need to keep "resident" status in the state until he is done but will not be "living" in that state, depending on my work assignment. Is this possible within IRS guidelines without owning a standard home?

2) Tips on RV purchasing. We have found the model we want, a Cedar Creek 38FL6. Any owners out there? Any comments/reviews on the Cedar Creek brand?

3) Mail - as much as we try to get away from "snail mail" we still have to receive some. How do full-timers handle that?

4) Club Memberships - are there comments/reviews on any of the RV clubs...which ones are good, which to avoid, are any of them necessary?

5) Maintenance - other than keeping tabs on the roof, sewage, windows and tires while sitting for a while, are there any other "normal" maintenance needs? I grew up on a farm with a mechanic for a father who taught me a lot about maintenance. I enjoy taking care of my own things but realize some items may be beyond my scope of knowledge or ability. Thoughts?

6) Any other advice is welcomed.

Thanks, all!!

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