Seeking More Answers to Hanging Heavy Cabinets/Pictures

Seeking More Answers to Hanging Heavy Cabinets/Pictures

by Kim
(Stafford, Virginia)

I have a curio cabinet (must keep) and a very large grizzly picture (must keep) and frame. I haven't weighed them, but probably 7-10 pounds. At this point I don't care what I need to use, except they have to anchor some way to the walls without going thru to the outside. Bottom line...How deep can I go? I don't want to remove them while traveling rugged terrain. I want these heavy items to stay put on the thin wall. I know that you Harry and Ms. Harry RV home owner's that are out there have the answer!!! Guaranteed! Come on, tell me what you know!



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Sep 17, 2010
I am going to let the cabinet and picture go to yard sale.
by: Kim

Now, I won't say that I dont have other items (many to display on the walls, but the really heavy curio cabinet and my beloved grizzly bear, limited addition, custom large pic will have to go. I need the money any ways. I have found that using other pictures that are actually from a calendar by a good artist are nice too and wont weigh as much. But I am still in the process of wanting to take to much stuff. But, who knows until I measure the walls of my chosen RV. (lol) I want a full time vacation home that is all me, but the items I cant decide on, I put on a book shelf that I see constantly and decide from there, they say, if in doubt throw it out. Trust me though, my walls and every blank space will be filled, as long as I can still get to the bath and bed, so be it, all is good.

Sep 07, 2010
Thanks Carol!
by: Kim

Finally, a response/comment I could find. Good idea, I will check out the toggle bolt idea. I still haven't found out how thick the walls really are. Some items, I am going to permanently glue in place...the family can deal with that when I have gone to the great beyond!(lol)Kim

Sep 06, 2010
Toggle Bolts or Molly Screws
by: Carol

We've used toggle bolts (molly screws) to mount things that we don't want to risk moving in our 5th wheel. They're the screws with the wings that come out behind the wall.

I've mounted a broom holder rack and a couple of ladder holders on the outside walls of our 5th wheel. They've been there for 2 years and several cross country trips with no problem.

Set a depth marker on your drill bit to make sure you don't go through the outside wall. Be careful not to make the hole any larger than necessary to get the wings through.

Good luck!

Aug 05, 2010
I wonder what mfg's use to hang cupboards?
by: Kim

How do I find out what they use? Maybe the walls are not as thin as I assume? That process that they use, may be the answer for me and my bear picture and curio cabinet. Oh yeah, I have a ton of hercule hooks, but can't recall which end goes into the wall. (lol) and I would think that I would also need those hook and loop fasteners that Marc mentioned, so I can travel some rugged terrain without removing every thing. Tell me what you know please and if I find out first, I will let you guy's know.

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