Save Everything, Tips for finding stuff in your RV

Save Everything, Tips for finding stuff in your RV

by Daniela

Living full time in an RV requires creative storage solutions, especially when everything you own in a 22' home. Whenever I buy something that comes in a bag, I save the packaging. It comes in handy for food storage or where to put the 20 random screws I found.

I also check out the reduced shelves at Dollar General and Family Dollar. I found some cute small containers for 50 cents and they are perfect for paper clips and thumb tacks.

The hardest part about full-time rving is finding stuff. You would not think that would be a challenge while living in such a small space, but it is.

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Apr 14, 2018
Remembering where you put everything
by: Carol

It can be a trial trying to remember where you stashed everything in a small area. There are quite a few nooks & crannies to use, like under the fridge storage area, bathroom sink etc , I use every inch, have to get on the floor and be careful but can put a lot of seldom used or extra items away. The only problem is remembering where, & what. I designate compartments, dog supplies, extra canned goods & paper goods.

Off season clothes go into storage bags, then under bed, or dinette.

I tried listing what is in each compartment, works for clothes and off season decorations but not so great for food unless you update every time you use or add.

In overhead cabinets I use spice rack step down holders for meds, sewing items, & small items in clear storage containers. Using the inside cabinet doors for cutting boards, small items that can hang from hooks. The over the cabinet door storage baskets are great, don’t take any shelf space & easy to access.

I hang as many items as I can, hairbrush on wall in bathroom. Even use hooks on the inside of medicine cabinet for small hanging items.

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