Satellite Dish Mount for Your RV Ladder

We made a satellite dish mount for our RV ladder instead of using the traditional tripod which can be a very unstable. Using a 10 foot galvanized fence post (same diameter as the tripod) and 3 gate hinges, we mounted our dish on the RV ladder. Fasten the hinge clips to the ladder and to the fence post. Clip the two together and the satellite dish is neatly out of the way.

When parked we position the dish high enough above the RV to avoid disruption of signal, and it simply lowers to travel. It is solid even in high winds, and it avoids theft of your dish. We generally fasten a couple of rubber bungee cords around the post when we travel for extra security. Our material cost less than $30.

Sure beats messing with a tripod and storage of the dish while traveling is no longer a problem. We noticed a vendor at the California RV Show selling similar Satellite Dish Mount. They are nice, but may not work to store the dish while traveling.

This photo shows the post attached to the ladder. It has a clear view of the sky. It doesn't need to be weighted down to protect it from high wind and lowers to ride on the ladder during travel.

This is a photo of the gate hinges hooked together. Easily comes apart for raising and lowering.