RVing or not?

RVing or not?

by Don Gertz Jr
(Longview, TX)

Wondering if there's a site to compare RVing or not to RVing that's the question?

I know I can figure the bills out and stuff like that, but there's always things about being a hopefully RVing, I might not figure or realize. Like mailing, I know some bills will come by e-mail. What's all the in's and outs?

Don Gertz dgertzjr@yahoo.com

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Nov 16, 2011
What to do about mail?
by: ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing

You may want to check out the Escapees program. . .they go into quite a bit of detail about handling your mail when you are out on the road. . .and have such a large mail service program in place for RV'ers that the Postal Service issued them their own zip code. . .

Wishing you all the best,


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