RVing for an Adventurer

RVing for an Adventurer

by KC
(Las Vegas, NV)

Hi All! I'm a retiree looking to get into the Rv LifeStyle. At First, I thought I was sure of what I wanted to do, as far as getting into it fulltime. I was looking into purchasing a used 36'-40' diesel pusher. This choice was because of the amount of living space one would have living in it full time. I'm not for sure if full timing is what I really want to do. I know that I love to travel, and want to be comfortable, and have the appropriate vehicle. The majority of the times traveled, it will be only myself. I've looked at many motorhomes, large, and small, and different name brands. Currently, I'm looking at the Four Winds(Thor) Serrano. Does anyone have any experience, or ownership of any of the Thor products? The Serrano looks to me to be of sufficient size, but my concern is of it being a front engine diesel. Will it be too loud of an engine being up front, and does it have the backbone for the long hauls? I know that in the end, It's all personal preference. Any experiences, or knowledge of this product would be greatly appreciated. Thanking all in any responses. Happy holiday season to all!

PS: I'm a 57yr Young Male!

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Dec 20, 2011
Fulltime Lifestyle
by: Donna

Full-timing has been my life for quite awhile. What a great way to live...I travel, help kids, travel, fix up a house, travel, etc., Would like to have someone to go with though...write back.

Nov 19, 2011
I love my Serrano 31X
by: Anonymous

This is my 3rd motor home. I researched for over 3 years, and found the Serrano to be the right fit for me. I had a dozen cosmetic issues that were easily resolved, less than some of the headaches I had with previous units. Thor support is awesome, super responsive! Have put about 2500 miles on it in all driving conditions. I tow a 2300 lb car. The Maxxforce 7 ROCKS! Worst mileage 10 while doing back roads with several 3 mile grades averaging 8%. Best mileage so far 12, on fairly flat interstate. The engine noise is less than I had with my gas class A, is a bit noisy during acceleration and on grades, but soft when cruising. Hey, when I get to a place to make my base of operations, I put many more miles on the car. The storage in and out is well thought out and convenient. The layout is frankly perfect.For me, it had the perfect FFF, Form, Fit, Function. Nuff said.

Jan 01, 2011
WorkHorse Ufo Chassis / Gas Pusher
by: KC

Hi, Hope Everyone Had a Good, and Safe Holiday Season. I'm Still Reasearching, and Asking Questions,(hopefully good ones), before I Make My RV Purchase. Does Anyone, or Know of Anyone who has, or have had a Gas Pusher? I Know Forest River(georgetown), Winnebago/Itasca(Destination,Latitude), and I think Monaco has a unit built with this Chassis(2008-2009). I've Seen Some Owner Reviews. Most Give the Chassis, and the Engine Pretty Good Reviews. Would Appreciate Any Others. My Time is Narrowing Down(SMILE)! Thanks, and Happy Trails!

Dec 29, 2010
Air/Heat Vents : Basement AC Units
by: KC

I see Most Of the Older Model Class A MH (some new) with the Vents in the floor. Is there any particular reason why Most Manufactures stop Building Units with the Vents in the Floor? *Foreign Objects Falling In, Poorer Air Circulation*? Also, I see some Manufacturers Building some of Their Units with the AC units in the Basement. The only plus I see for this is Making the MH Lower in Height. Seems Like it Would take Away some Storage Space. Are These Just New Technology Steps, or is there Significant Advantages for doing away with Vents in the Flooring, and AC Units in Basements?

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