RV Friendly

The RV Friendly sign is a highly visible round yellow reflector with the letters RV in the center it. The legislative effort for the new symbol to assist RV drivers in locating businesses that could accommodate large vehicles was led by Louisiana State Representative M.J. Smiley.

RV FriendlyThe sign designates businesses that can accommodate large recreational vehicles and is placed on highway exit signs indicating businesses, restaurants and gas stations that meet state requirements of large parking spaces, entrances, exits, and clearances for Recreational Vehicles.

The sign provides easy recognition and advanced notice to RV driverÂ’s to locate businesses that they will be able to easily maneuver in and out of, and provides business owners with increased traffic to their establishments. The symbol also alerts RV motorists to roadside specific services that cater to the special needs of motor homes and RV trailer owners.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has granted Interim Approval of the use of the symbol working with state transportation departments several states have adopted itÂ’s use including: California, Minnesota, Iowa, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Michigan, Oregon, Louisiana, Tennessee, Washington, Florida and Texas.

To participate in the program eligible businesses and facilities must meet the minimum requirements such as high canopies, pull-through and an adequate turning radius: Roadways must be hard surface, and free of potholes and need to be at least 12 feet wide with a minimum swing radius of 50 feet to enter and exit the facility. Roadway access and parking facilities must be free of any electrical wires, tree branches, or other obstructions up to 14 feet above the surface.

Facilities requiring short-term parking such as restaurants or tourist attractions, are required to have 2 or more spaces that are 12 feet wide and 65 feet long with a swing radius of 50 feet to enter and exit the spaces.

Fueling facilities with canopies are required to have a 14-foot clearance, and those selling diesel fuel are required to have pumps with non-commercial nozzles. Fueling facilities must allow for pull-through with swing radius of 50 feet. For campgrounds, 2 or more spaces that are 18 feet wide and 45 feet long are required.

Businesses must also post directional signing on their sites, as needed, to those RV friendly parking spaces and other on-site RV friendly services, so that the motorist is given additional guidance upon leaving the public highway and entering the business establishmentÂ’s property.

With millions of RVs on the road this new legislation makes navigating the highways to “RV Friendly” businesses easier and more enjoyable.

Interim Approval for Addition of RV Friendly Symbol