RV Travel with Pets in the Summer

RV Travel with Pets in the Summer

by Marc Neveux
(Simi Valley, CA)

It's a Dogs Life

It's a Dogs Life

The Dog Days of Summer:
RV Travel with Pets in the Summer Months

Most people plan their main RV travel time for the warmer summer months, traveling across the country to visit friends and family, see the sights, go to different fairs and festivals or simply to get from one place to another. And for most of these people, this travel means bringing the entire family along, including the four-legged, furry members. Traveling with a pet can be rewarding, but before you set out for a few weeks or even a few months of adventure on the open road with Fluffy or Fido, there are a few things to keep in mind.

How Does Your Pet Feel About Travel?

There is nothing crueler than dragging your pet along with you on a trip when he loathes the sense of movement and can’t stand being cooped up for the whole day. Before you set out, take your pet on a short trip and see how he handles it. Maybe go on a nearby, weekend journey and see how that goes before the big day. If you find out your pet is not a traveler, then find a trusted friend or family member to take him, see if you can kennel him or pay a service to pet sit while you are away.

How Often Will You Need to Stop?

A big dog can go a few hours without needing a walk, but a smaller dog may need to go more frequently. You can use a travel litter pan for the cat, but you will probably need to dump it frequently. Keep in mind that cats are harder to keep track of on trips so they are not as travel friendly as dogs. Plan on letting the dog get something to eat and drink and then hang around for a potty break before getting back on the road. Some dogs tend to get carsick if they eat or drink too much, so be careful and save his larger meals for when you have found a place to stop for the day or night.

How Will You Keep the Dog Cool?

If you are melting, then consider what is going on for your dog, who is covered in fur. If you only use the air conditioning when the temperature is at a certain number, then keep in mind that you will have to adjust that number for the dog. A dog feels the heat far more intensely than we do so if you see signs of labored breathing or his tongue, eyes or nose appear exceptionally dry, he may be in some distress and should be attended to immediately.

What If the Dog Gets Sick?

RV travel is fun and exciting because you never know where you will be going or who you will be meeting next. However, you should have an idea of where vets are along your route if something should happen to your dog during the course of your trip.

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Oct 06, 2010
RVC Outdoor Destination FREE Night!
by: Katie

Hi Lisa,

RVC is so happy your family (and pet!) enjoyed the trip to Carrabelle Beach RV Resort. To answer your question about the pricing - Carrabelle Beach is actually located on the ocean and Pine Mountain is not located near water. Managing a water-based resort is more expensive, so that is probably why you see the price increase. However, I do encourage you to visit Pine Mountain. It has a lot of activities for the kids, and has had awesome ratings from other campers. In fact, anyone can visit any of RVC's locations for one night FREE just by becoming a fan of our Facebook page.

Here's how:
A night FREE is as easy as 1,2,3:

1) "Like" our page on Facebook by clicking the "Like" button. Tell your friends too! Here's Pine Mountain's page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pine-Mountain-RV-Resort/195549467174
And, Carrabelle Beach's

2) Then click the link below and sign-up for our periodic e-newsletters for future saving specials, events and more. - If you've already Liked us, no problem, just fill-out the form and follow the other directions.
( https://app.e2ma.net/app/view:Join/signupId:1418260/acctId:1401319 )

3) After your stay, fill-out a short survey.

That's it. 1,2,3...and FREE.

As with most things in life, there are a few restrictions...

- 1-free night per customer-Reservations are based upon availability.
- Not to be used in conjunction with other offers
- Must ?Like? the particular property via facebook; fill out a sign-up page (link provided above); and fill out a survey after the visit.
- Must sign up during the month of October. Between October 1st and December 31st, contact property for actual reservation night and mention ?October 2010- Facebook Friend Offer?. RVC Outdoor Destinations will confirm the Facebook page against the RVC sign-up prior to final approval.
- Reservation is good for nights between October 1st 2010 - May 31, 2011

Hope to see you guys there :)

Aug 12, 2010
Pet Friendly RV Resorts in the Southeast
by: Lisa M

If you are traveling around the Southeast, then you need to stay at an RVC Outdoor Destination. My family did. We went to Carrabelle Beach and stayed there and the wonderful thing was that our pets were welcome...not to mention ourselves and our 2 kids. We had a great time. I found them online when we were scheduling our trip. The thing that caught my eye was how pet friendly all their properties are and how reasonable their rates are. We were thoroughly pleased! We are scheduling our next vacation around their Pine Mountain location near Callaway Gardens. We were astonished at how expensive Callaway is and how reasonable Pine Mountain RV Resort is. We wanted to know why anyone would pay that much at Callaway when Pine Mountain is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away? Needless to say, we have now become lifelong fans of RVC Outdoor Destinations and encourage everyone traveling across the southeast to try them out as well! Happy trails :)

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