RV Step Rugs

RV step rugs with deep treads can trap the dirt and rocks and keep them outside where they belong. Having your RV step covered with a wraparound weather resistant rug will also help prevent slipping off the steps. I've done that and nearly broken my neck. Anyone who is full time rving knows how many times you're up and down those steps, and one improperly placed footing can land you in the dirt.

Another good reason to use of cover is protect your steps from sun damage. We have had to paint our steps to cover the faded paint and make them new looking again.

There are a couple of companies that sell good quality covers. Ruggids® and Wraparound® are two of the more common brand names.

Their covers for camper steps come in several sizes from 18 inches to 23 inches for a perfect fit, and in a variety of colors to match your other RV supplies and accessories. Look for one that provides good traction with a ribbed texture and made of durable all weather fibers.

Attaching your cover is generally done with zip ties or a simple spring attachment, which is quick and easy. Some of the Ruggids® brand covers also have matching RV door mats if you like the outside of your trailer to match the inside.

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