RV Spare Tire Covers

RV spare tire covers protect your tire from direct sun and the elements. The covers are constructed of a heavy-duty vinyl with an elastic back which snug around your tire and nylon thread that is weatherproof and tear-proof for long lasting protection.

Cheap spare tire covers are available through many companies. To find quality RV tire covers consider ADCO and Covers by BG.

ADCO tire covers are available in standard white, black or a custom spare tire cover including Support Our Troops, the American Flag, Canadian Maple Leaf, Wildlife Eagle, Wolf, Race Day, and a variety of dog breeds. ADCO sells other covers for RV and they specialize in custom orders for volume or one at a time orders. You can find information for a custom spare tire cover or tire cover personalized spare tire cover on their website.

Covers by BG offers high quality collegiate tire covers and pride’s themselves on making one of the best fitting covers on the market today. They have covers for every size tire with many college emblems available.

You will need to purchase the correct size cover based on your tire size, or by measuring the diameter of your tire left to right at center.

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