RV Slide Out Problems

RV Slide Out Problems

by Sharon
(Phoenix, AZ)

Problem with RV Slide Out

Problem with RV Slide Out

When considering a recreational vehicle it's best to avoid RV slide out problems that can block your patio access.

Some RVs have lots of slides on both sides of the vehicle which makes for great living space inside, but what about enjoying your patio?

If you have slide-outs on the passenger side that will block access to your patio you'll have less space to enjoy your outdoor barbecues and neighbors.

Granted there are some RV parks with wonderful large parking spaces offering large wide space with big paved patios. Those parks may be the exception and are considered premium spots that you'll definitely pay extra to park in.

So as long as you're shopping why not avoid the problem and look for an RV that has the slide-out in the back on the passenger side and the rest of the slides on the driver side.

The photo on the top of the page is of a beautiful RV with several slides on the passenger side. If the patio were not over-sized you'd have no room at all for outdoor living.

Now look at this next photo. The RV entrance door is centered on the RV and there is one slide on the passenger side in the rear. This leaves the entire patio open for enjoyment. Just something to consider - if you want lots of slides it may be best to keep them on the drivers side of your RV so as not to block your patio.

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